What are Seo Footprints and how to use them?

Best Footprints for getting free backlinks

In a nutshell, a seo footprint is a piece of code or a sentence that website scripts have. Let me show you an example, assume a person creates a website about “learning guitar” and wish to start a forum for its members to discuss about tips about playing guitar.

In order to do so, they need choose some kind of forum script to use, such as phpbb, vBulletin or others. The most common seo footprint that you’ll see is the “Powered by…” footprint. In case the person uses the phpbb forum script, there is a footprint in all installations of phpbb, which is “Powered by phpbb” at the bottom of the forum.

Therefore, if you search for “powered by phpbb” with Google, you’ll find a TON of forums running on the phpbb script. Good thing for webmasters like us…

For every blogging script, commenting script, guestbook script, forum script, etc etc… you can always find a common footprint to look for. But you need not do any of the hardwork. Because I already compiled a pretty good list to get you started.

When we combine these seo footprints with advanced search operators our keywords and some crafty thinking, they could be very powerful. Almost all of these footprints can be used with your niche keyword(s) to return relevant results.

As we all know, Google gives more importance to niche relevant backlinks and it’s just a great way to dig deeper in Google by using keywords. I am not going to just give you a list of seo footprints and leave you to wonder how they really work.

But I am going to show you how to do it yourself, so that you can create your own search strings and find unlimited backlinks on demand whenever you want and whenever you need and how many you wish. But before starting out you need to know a few common footprints.

MISC Footprints: Register.php,  captcha,  nofollow,  dofollow,  ifollow.gif,  related URLs,  related sites, directory,  advertiser testimonials,  add url,  add site,  add website,  add your site,  submit url,  submit website,  submit your site,  submit a url,  submit a website,  submit a site,  suggest url,  suggest website,  suggest your site,  suggest a url,  suggest a site,  recommended links,  recommended sites,  recommended resources,  favorite links,  favorite sites,  bookmarks resources,  “list *keyword* sites”.

List of More Specific Footprints

This list of footprints will help you to find sites running blog, forum, guestbook and other platforms that can often be used to gain a quality backlink.

Forums: Forum,  discussion boards,  members,  join,  tag,  group,  message board,  bulletin board, /phpbb2.

BlogsWp-login,  wp-admin,  blogroll,  blog , you must be logged in,  comments are closed (you will see how to tell Google to not return sites with this footprint),  posting closed,  Add comment,  post comment,  leave a comment,  no comments,  notify me of follow-up comments,  make a comment , add-blog.php,  add_blog.php,  addblog.html,  addyourblog.asp, blog-submission.html,  blog_submission.html,  submit-blog.html,  submit_blog.html.

GuestbooksGuestbook , http://worldwidemart.com/scripts/,  “found at Matt’s Script Archive” , guestbook.aspx

Wiki’s:Wiki, Media Wiki_talk

 Social Network SitesBravenet.com,  “powered by buddypress”,  ning.com,  “Powered by Ning” , /main/authorization/SignIn,  /main/authorization/SignUp

Big List of Additional  Seo Footprints: This list is currently unsorted and contains a mix of blog, forum and guestbook seo footprints For best results, these should all be used with quotations and can be used with your keywords as well to find sites specific to your niche.

  • powered by wordpress
  • Powered by BlogEngine / Powered by BlogEngine.Net 
  • Powered by Blogsmith 
  • powered by Typepad 
  • powered by scoop 
  • Powered by PHPbb 
  • Powered by vBulletin 
  • Powered by SMF 
  • powered by Simple Machines 
  • powered by punBB 
  • Powered by Tagbox 
  • Powered by DRBGuestbook 
  • powered by bbPress 
  • powered by yabb 
  • powered by ip.board 
  • powered by invision power board 
  • powered by e-blah 
  • powered by xmb 
  • powered by fudforum 
  • powered by fluxbb 
  • powered by forum software minibb 
  • powered by phorum 
  • powered by quicksilver forums 
  • powered by seo-board 
  • powered by ubb.threads 
  • powered by the unclassified newsboard 
  • powered by usebb forum software 
  • powered by xennobb 
  • powered by yaf 
  • Powered By MyBB 
  • powered by icebb
  • powered by javabb 
  • powered by viscacha 
  • Powered by Pligg 
  • Powered by PHPDug
  • Powered by MediaShare 
  • Powered by clipbucket 
  • Powered by VidiScript 
  • Powered by PHPMotion 
  • Powered by ClipShare 
  • Powered by iVidPlay 
  • Powered by iSoftScripts 
  • Powered by VShare 
  • Powered by Video CMS 
  • Powered by PHP Melody 
  • Powered by SkaDate 
  • Powered by Sharemixer 
  • Powered by SocialMedia 
  • Powered By ONEsite 
  • powered by insoshi 
  • Powered by Ning 
  • powered by buddypress 
  • powered by elgg
  • Drupal Powered Websites 
  • Powered by Drupal 
  • powered by b2evolution 
  • powered by Mephisto comment 
  • powered by subtext 
  • Powered by s9y comment 
  • powered by socialwebcms 
  • Powered by ModX 
  • powered by Concrete5 
  • powered by Plone 
  • powered by soapblox 
  • powered by Fireboard 
  • Powered by ExpressionEngine 
  • Powered by KickApps 
  • powered by snitz forums 
  • Powered by AEF 
  • Powered by Beehive 
  • Powered by FruitShow
  • Powered By Webs ID 
  • Powered by free article directory 
  • Powered by Article Friendly 
  • Powered by ArticleMS 
  • Powered by Article Dashboard 
  • Powered by OpenLD 
  • Powered by Quicksilver Forums 
  • /index.php?action=register 
  • CreateUser.aspx?ReturnUrl=

RSS Feed Footprints:

  • Submitrssfeed.aspx 
  • AddFeed.aspx 
  • AddRSS.asp 
  • Ping/ 
  • RSS_submission_form.asp 
  • RSSform.asp?cat 
  • Suggest-A-Feed 
  • addFeed.do 
  • add_feed.php 
  • addfeed.html 
  • addfeed.php 
  • addfeed/ 
  • cgi_rss_submission 
  • FeedAdd.cfm 
  • newfeed.php 
  • ping.asp 
  • ping.php 
  • rss-add.html 
  • rssform.asp 
  • sub_rss.asp 
  • submit-feeds.html 
  • submitFeed.jsp 
  • submit_feed.jsp 
  • submitfeed 
  • submitfeed.shtml
  • submitnews.php 
  • submitrss.php
  • suggest/feed 
  • suggest_feeds.asp 
  • submit.php 
  • submitFeed.aspx 
  • AddRSSFeed.jsp

Finding Web Directories: Here is a simple formula for finding web directories. Start with one of the words: Add, Suggest, Recommend, Submit, etc… Followed by a keyword or a * (you will learn what the * does in the next chapter) Finished with one of the words: Link, Site,URL, Website, Feed, Blog, etc…

I guess this is the largest seo footprints list on the web and i am pretty sure you are delighted about it! I promise you that in the future i will publish much more on these “footprints”. Cheers!


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    7 thoughts on “What are Seo Footprints and how to use them?

    1. pass drug test

      so then i guess “Powered by WordPress and the nano blogger theme is designed & developed by nanodesigns” is a footprint too? =)

    2. Tempat Wisata

      I think now backlink not too important, for me the quality of content is more important than backlink, google will not hesitate to confer rank that are good for blog quality. Need to business that is not easy to learn seo and get the money from the activities of blogging, to bear and determined.
      Keyword stuffing is used if it looks like a suicide, instead of her blog to get good rankings but instead get the result otherwise. Competing with a short keyword is indeed very heavy competition, let alone a newbie like me it’s enough hassle mas in a short keyword targeting.
      I prefer to make a content with keywords that are quite long, in addition to the low competition, the article would be more interesting for the reader.

    3. Steph Riggs

      These SEO footprints are very helpful for bloggers and other people running SEO campaign to research for high quality resources and get link back to their websites. Now it is very important to build backlinks on the relevant and high authority websites so that you can get organic ranking. Those people who are using automatic tools for searching resources and them generating backlinks are strictly treated as spam by Google. Be careful while link building and follow search engines’ tactics in this regards.


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