A bilingual Preschool and Elementary in the heart of Paris

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A bilingual Preschool and Elementary in the heart of ParisSituated in Paris, the Bilingual International School of Paris (BISP) is a popular, non-denominational school. It is committed to offering a first-rate bilingual pre-school and elementary education. BISP believe that children’s early educational experiences should be successful and positive, preparing them for life.

Children aged from 2 1/2 to 4 years of age attend the pre Kindergarten; children aged 4-5 attend the Kindergarten; and children aged 5 to 11 years of age, attend the Elementary school.

Learning and Curriculum

BISP is a highly sought after private school: the dual language immersion program allows students from all over the world to receive a high-quality French-English education, taught by native speakers. Your child’s learning is equally divided between the two languages. The BISP curriculum is closely aligned to the French and English national curriculum frameworks.

The school takes a holistic approach to education: academic, physical, emotional and personal development is considered vital for each child to develop as a well-rounded, confident member of the BISP community.

Caring Classrooms

At BISP, the small class sizes enable a family-like learning environment to be established: the close, trustful relationships help children to settle and achieve their best in a supportive and friendly atmosphere. Experienced, specialist teachers teach creative and artistic subjects and activities every week (Art, Music, Drama, Dance and Physical Education), as part of a broad and challenging curriculum.

Helping your child

When your child joins BISP, they are helped to quickly become part of the school and learning is tailored to their interests and needs: class work and lessons are differentiated to meet the child’s level; modifications are made to the assessment scales; and additional language courses are offered.

The experienced BISP teachers and staff exemplify the school mission statement and expertly help each child to develop their self-esteem and express their feelings and talents: BISP children develop into caring, responsible, respectful and tolerant individuals.

Join the BISP family

Investing in the latest technology and high-quality resources, BISP treats you and your child as valued members of their school family. BISP combines old-fashioned values of high standards and individualised learning with modern technology and multi-media learning experiences for the twenty-first century.

How do I apply?

To apply to the school, you must complete an application form for each child and send it by post or e-mail, along with copies of their birth certificate and identification card or passport. If your child is already attending school, then please submit a written recommendation from your child’s current teacher to BISP and a copy of your child’s latest school report. Within two weeks of receiving and reviewing your application, BISP will notify you of their decision.

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