Have some money? Make a smart investment!

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Make a smart investment!

What do you do when you get to collect some money? Assuming that most of us keep their money in bank deposits where real yields are almost zero, intelligent alternative is to look to place your money so that you have a profit rate (interest, income) higher than the bank.

Easy to say, hard to do.

Life insurance and private pensions

All insurances are designed for long-term savings and also to cover various risks. Basically, make sure you have the money when you really need them. For example, when there is a serious health problem, the need for money will be covered by life insurance without losing your money and no capitalization. Another advantage is that you can benefit from a much larger amount of money than you actually have contributed. And in the happy event that you do not need insurance for unpleasant events, the maturity of the policy will collect all the money invested plus the yield which is often superior to bank deposits.

Real Estate Investments

If you have a sum of money large enough to allow you a real estate investment, then you can do it. You just have to analyze which is the best option. You can purchase a land, a house or commercial space. It depends on the plan you have. In general real estate investments are long term stories, starting from the premise that the property will increase over time and you will profit from the price difference. Another way to monetize such an investment is by renting the property.

For example you can buy an apartment in Romania with 30,000-40,000 euros to a rent of 150 euros/month. Theoretically you can get a gross yield of 6% per year (about double the bank).

Investment properties are among the safest investments and exploitation (managing the investments/buildings) is relatively simple. It requires no technical knowledge or specific.

Financial instruments offered by banks

You can choose to leave all the money in the bank carefully, but investing in mutual funds or bonds. Yields are also higher deposits. No need to have extensive knowledge of economics, but to pay attention to the fees and costs of administration of the bank.

The investments in mutual funds are at risk, but also gains can be 3 to 4 times higher. Basically the bank will buy shares of stock and will share with you the profit (and loss). Go to a bank and see which method suits you best.

Stock investments

To use these financial instruments is required a careful analysis of the stock market and especially knowledge. You can learn to make such investments. There are books and useful websites too. Do not adventure in stock investments before thoroughly learn how to do technical analysis on stocks and especially how to master your emotions.

Investments in the stock market is high risk but can also generate the best returns. You can make 20-30% profit in a year. Of course, if you start investing without being prepared, you can finish the investment activity and a massive loss both of money and of self-confidence.

Invest in your own business

Launching your own business is the best way to make profit, because in this way you get financial independence and control over the results. If you choose to make your own company, you can make profit, while doing what you love.

Read more about how to launch your own business. It is a vast subject and worth debating. For example, investing in a poultry farm with meat processing unit is worth trying. Initial investment can be recovered in a short time if you get help and support from a profesionst in the field. If it seems like a profitable idea, then here is the starting platform: http://businesses-properties.com/poultry-farm-with-meat-processing-unit-for-sale-in-romania/.

Making a profitable business requires investment of money and especially time and knowledge. You must be ready for this and especially to be willing to work a lot in the beginning.

Think Positive!

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