The industry is testing cosmetics on animals to help human beings

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The industry is testing cosmetics on animals to help human beingsWe got to a point we enjoy a lot of cosmetic products. We use them in order to take care of our skin: moisturizer, sun protection, natural soap to clean our skin, make-up products, cleansers, perfumes and many others. They all constitue a huge part in our daily skincare routine.

By the time we get to use them, they have all been tested. Using animal testing in the development of cosmetics may involve testing either a finished product or the individual ingredients of a finished product on animals, often rabbits, but also mice, rats, and other animals.

These animals have been harmed and it’s very hard to acknlowledge this fact. So the question is: are we supposed to enjoy these products?

Why do companies test cosmetics on animals?

Drugs and cosmetics contain chemicals that can have dangerous side effects. The law has required animal safety testing of drugs and cosmetics after several tragic incidents involving untested products. Despite this fact, hundereds of innocent animals suffer and die over the years.

Animal testing is a common practice around the world. In China these tests are mandatory and USA embraced animal testing as well. Luckily, in 2013, the European Union banned cosmetic testing.

Cosmetic industry is still developing. This is happening because brand new products that are  ready to be tested appear frequently on the market. We must ask ourselves what are so many cosmetic products useful for?

We would be surprised if we knew how few products we need to take care of our skin. Specialists say that even for a basic make-up we need a lot of products that must be applied in multiple layers. Not completely true.mura

When we buy cosmetic products we must look for the label that says “not tested on animals”. In order to stop this phenomenon we could start using organic products. These products are handcrafted using only natural ingredients, they have no side effects and the most important thing – they are not tested on animals.

We can choose a natural soap and we can say we saved an animal’s life. It is recommended to use organic products because their ingredients are carefully chosen, they have skin and hair benefits so our body stays healthy.

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