What you can do in London?

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What you can do in London?When you visit London you have a lot of beautiful things to do in this great city of England and even find private chauffeuring service covering London, if you are looking for this type of service when you travel. There are many things to do in London, and many of them are free. We can mention here the visit to many museums in the city.

You do not have to pay a ticket to see the Science Museum, The National Gallery, the British Museum, Tate Modern, the National Portrait Gallery or the Victoria and Albert Museum. You can also find in London many beautiful parks which offer to their visitors many great places to see. London is a city in which nature and civilization are combined harmoniously and this results in a unique urban landscape.

Some examples of parks you will find in London are Kensington Gardens, Regent’s Park, Greenwich Park, and Hyde Park. Many visitors want to see in London the spectacular Changing of the Guard ceremony.

This can be admired every day at 11:30 a.m. in front of the Buckingham Palace. Tourists also enjoy many other beautiful places such as Leicester Square, Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden. The view is fantastic in the this big city, tourists admiring here the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament, the Millenium Bridge and Shakespeare’s Globe Theater.

If you have enough money you can buy very beautiful souvenirs form London. The shops you can find in this city are packed with many great gifts which you can buy for your family and friends. You can find tea, biscuits, the renowned London Gin, souvenirs from Harrods, and Paddington bear toys. All of them will remind you of this city you visited.

There are some rules that you must remember when you visit London. This center of civilization welcomes all its visitors and they should respect its rules and respect those they meet here. Do not forget to say “Please” and also “Thank you” when you talk to Londoners and the people you meet here. This country is safe to visit, and you should not worry about any risk you can find here.

But you should also be careful and not use your credit card if you see that an ATM looks suspicious. This is a rule which applies to all the cities in Europe, especially in those you can visit in Eastern Europe.

Do not show on the street large amounts of money because some thieves might try to scam you using different methods. Some expensive items like the mobile phone should not be used too much in public places. But if you have any problem, call the emergency number or the local police.

If you haven’t visited London and Great Britain before, you must come to this wonderful city in the near future. You will not regret this choice and you can have a great adventure here together with your family or with your friends or relatives.

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