Wooden houses or wooden frame houses?

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Wooden houses or wooden frame houses

There is often a confusion between wooden frame houses and wooden houses, in the traditional way. There can be no equal sign between these two types of houses. Wooden houses, unlike wooden frame houses, are made entirely of wood and they are usually built in mountainous areas. They’re suited for holidays and less for permanent living, but require a very large expenditures and periodic maintenance.

Houses with wooden structure originated in America, and they were built since the year 1800. Our ancestors made their houses out of wood – walls, floors, and roof framing. We use wood as a building material in a more orderly and economically way – we only use wooden structures – and if structural beams can be left in view, the aesthetic effect is guaranteed. Things are fastened to the foundation with a special mounting system – using iron whiskers trapped in concrete foundation.

The mentality according to which concrete houses are going to last forever has changed. Wooden structures are an increasingly option, being accepted by the people who are going to build a house.
As everywhere, the most important operation, in the construction of houses with wooden structure, is the correct pouring of the foundation.

We can not speak of a solid house if the foundation is misconceived. Experts such as Ecokit recommend to apply a waterproof membrane on the foundation, which is a very good insolating.

In terms of depth, the foundation is identical to a traditional house. Instead, in terms of load, it differs with a mass of about 25% of the foundation of a brick or concrete house.

Next, wooden frames are made of wood, like a closet, with a wall as thick as it supports. The sole foundation of the house catch the concrete metal clips that are embedded in the foundation when casting. The walls are made of prefabricated panels.

The flenge of the house is a very important element, which is part of its structural strength. Although it seems to have a rather decorative role, Ecokit experts say that it has a very important role in the whole economy. „Squeezing” the walls, is causing them to act as a whole.

Very important in building a wooden house it is also how to place the roofing. The roof design should be taken into account because of weather conditions of the area and it will be adapted to that area.

A house with wooden structure builds very quickly and can be finished in less than 3 months after signing the contract with the construction company. Wood prefabricated panels are so efficient that such a construction can be built upon an existing foundation in just two days. If you still have doubts regarding how the construction of a wooden structure house should may look like, click here EcoKit France .

Relating to the price, between a wooden frame house and a traditional one, there is not a big difference. Prices are about the same. If we refer to the glory of construction in Europe, then indeed such houses with wooden structure would have been more advantageous in terms of price.

But given that the situation has changed and the price of traditional homes decreased by about 50%, wooden frame homes are about the same price as those made of brick or concrete.

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