Youtube SEO – everything you need to know

Youtube SEO - everything you need to know

When YouTube appeared, few people imagined what impact it would have in a few years. The first video was posted in 2005. Youtube was bought by Google a year later, and by 2013, it had a billion users.

In 2020, things have evolved a lot, reaching more than two billion users. There were many ads, but also the solution – Youtube Premium.

Let’s see some statistics that help us understand the impact of this platform and its algorithm:

  • YouTube is the second most visited site and the second most used search engine on the internet, after Google.
  • These users (2 billion active) watch over a billion hours of videos a day, generating billions of video views.
  • Over 70% of the total viewing time comes from mobile devices.
  • Users spend over an hour a day watching YouTube only on their mobile devices.
  • 80% of views are from outside the United States.
  • 65% of users try to find solutions to their problems on this channel.
  • 70% of views come from suggested videos.
  • 50% of users were previously interested in a product or service on Youtube, then searched for it offline
  • A page can be improved by 80% by adding a video, its traffic increasing by 157%.

But how does YouTube SEO work? What steps do you need to take to optimize your YouTube search channel? We have presented below the main rules and the best tools for wow results.

Basic rules

As we read above, we already know that the Youtube algorithm is given in the largest proportion by the recommendations of similar videos. This is the big secret: to be able to include our videos in that list.

Below you will find the basic rules of SEO optimization of videos by including the main keywords in the appropriate sections.

Keyword research for Google and Youtube

First of all, we need to do some keyword research. The procedure is similar to that for Google.

This step is recommended just before choosing your video theme, to choose a theme with a high search volume and the most relevant words for it.

Some tools for a great keyword research on Youtube: Google Trends, Ahrefs (Keywords research for keywords, Content Explorer for other videos and with Site Explorer – high traffic videos), Youtube Ads, YouTube Autosuggest, but and vidIQ extension. Continue reading »

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