Secret Traffic Methods You Should Know About

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Secret Traffic Methods

Whether you own your own website, sell a product or service, or simply drive traffic to an affiliate to  make money, the key to success in any online business is TRAFFIC. You cannot sell something online without getting people to see your website, product, etc.

With that being said, there are thousands of ways to market your business or idea. We are surrounded of advertising on a daily basis. Billboards when we drive down the street, commercials on TV, ads in magazines and newspapers, ads on the radio, banners on websites… and the list can go on forever and I’m sure that you are aware of this already.

The problem with many of these forms of advertising, especially when trying to get people to your website, is that the ads are being wasted on the wrong people. Even if you get 1 million people to your website, if they have no interest in your product then what good does it do?

As I mentioned before, and you probably already know, you must have TRAFFIC. It doesn’t end there because the big “secret” that is always overlooked is that you need targeted traffic.

It is really that simple. The difference between junk traffic that has no interest in what you are selling, and relevant targeted traffic will make all the difference when trying to make your online business successful. Ten people that are already searching for your product will always be better than ten thousand people who don’t have any interest.

There are a million companies and different ways in which you can drive traffic to your website for really cheap…. But the fact of the matter is that you get what you pay for. You can send 1,000,000 people to your site for pennies but the problem is that these people will not turn into sales. Trust me when I say I have tried all these methods before.

I use to think that the “shotgun” method of throwing thousands of people at my sites and hoping a small percentage would buy would work… but it didn’t. I couldn’t understand that out of so many people, still nobody was buying my products. The problem was that they weren’t looking for my products and had absolutely no interest in them. I cannot stress enough that TARGETING TRAFFIC is the key to success.

If you laser target your marketing campaigns then the people that are clicking on your ads and visiting your site, already wanted to go there in the first place… so when they get to your site, they buy your products.

Okay, I know what you are thinking. That is great but I have no idea how to drive targeted traffic. Well I didn’t either, so that is why I started searching for people who could. If a building was on fire you wouldn’t try to put it out yourself… you would call the fire department. When it comes to online marketing it is the same scenario.

Find someone who specializes in online marketing and search engine campaigns and let them drive traffic to your website. Many businesses fail because the owners try to “wear all the hats” when they don’t realize that you can’t be great at everything, so do the things you do well, and allocate the things you don’t do well to someone who does.

The company that I went through to get targeted traffic to my sites was

Okay, so here is the secret tip that you will only get HERE. Your Media Buyer generally runs marketing campaigns for large established companies for a base price of $199.99 a month plus a $100 set up fee and can go upwards of over $1,000. What most people don’t know is that Your Media Buyer has a special option for people just getting started for only $35!

Your Media Buyer doesn’t advertise this offer at all because they make all of their money running marketing campaigns for extremely large companies. Luckily I have found this super cheap offer and will show you exactly how I used it.

The way it works is they offer to plug your ad at the bottom of an already existing campaign that they are spending thousands of dollars on. They simply add your website to a similar campaign in the same market or genre so that you can benefit from the traffic too…. So let’s say that Your Media Buyer is running a huge campaign for Visa Credit cards for example and sending thousands of people to their Visa landing page. If you have a credit card idea or something similar, they will place your ad on the same page as the Visa offer in hopes that you can share on some of the traffic that they are already sending to that page.

The second way in which I have made money through Your Media Buyer is by adding a second ad through a website I found called

Now this has nothing to do with Your Media Buyer but it is a way in which I have increased the amount of money that I make! Here is how it works….

There is a box on Your Media Buyer when you are filling out your information that says “additional resources”. Simply paste your link into that box and Your Media Buyer will add that link to the landing page as well.

This way the first ad you send them will be an ad with a link going straight to your website, but the second ad will be an ad that you received through Dodoseek. Dodoseek is a company that runs CPC (Cost Per Click) ads, which means that every time somebody clicks on your Dodoseek ad… you get PAID!

They don’t even have to buy the product. Every time they click…. you get money! So you will have 2 different ads that Your Media Buyer will drive traffic to for only $35. The first will go to your website where they will hopefully buy your product or service, and the second will pay you every single time somebody clicks on it! By doing this I have got floods of traffic to my websites and in turn I run an extremely successful online business!

I realize that many of you are not in a position to spend around $300 on an ad campaign, but for $35 it is too good to pass up! I have loved the service so much that I have since upgraded to their Silver Package (check out the website to see what I mean) but I was in the same boat as many of you when I started. I had very little cash to start an advertising campaign with so I started with their $35 dollar offer (which almost nobody knows about because it is nearly impossible to find) and built up to paying them full time to run my website’s marketing campaigns.

Your Media Buyer was surprisingly simple. You simply pay through PayPal, then fill out some information about your website or offer… and that’s about it… they take care of the rest. When adding information about your website or product, the more detail you give them the better, so they can target the most specific traffic possible. You will also have to sign up for an account on This is just another added bonus and way to make even MORE CASH with YourMediaBuyer. The sign up for this is equally as simple…

Please view the included video to see the process in a bit more detail…

The difference that came with Your Media Buyer that I couldn’t find anywhere else was that they are real live people running these marketing campaigns. A lot of other similar products turned out to just be automated systems that sent junk traffic to my website that never turned into sales.

I was skeptical at first because all of my research had led me to believe, to run a successful marketing campaign it would cost much more than $35, but since they are already paying to send this traffic to these sites, they can add you in on their campaigns for an extremely low price.

Now with this media buying secret you are not going to become a millionaire overnight, but let’s face it, for the vast majority of us that will never happen. The rest of us know that these kinds of  things take a lot of time and effort. My success online has come from a combination of things.

Although has made an enormous difference in my business it was also in part due to a well-designed website with a great offer. There are many pieces to the puzzle other than marketing but Your Media Buyer is a great place to start. If you have a great offer, and a well put together  business, this secret can make the difference between dream and a reality.

Now I’m sure many of you may be thinking at this point that you can do all of this on your own. Well, some of you may be able to and some of you may not, but it is much harder than it seems to run your own marketing campaigns. I’m not saying it is impossible but I have tried every different way there is with very little success. Although if you still want to give it a shot on your own, here are a few suggestions on some things you can try…

There are two ways to get your website seen… Paid or Free…

One free way is to do some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that your website can be found on the search engines. This is not for a beginner and would take me about a month to explain in detail, so forget this method for a moment…(its hugely important, just not at this level of the game).

The other free way (that actually works) is forum posting. Simply find a few forums related to your niche of choice and offer your free product. For example, this articlet is in the Internet Marketing niche so I should find a forum that has a lot of traffic and use that forum to let them know about this awesome article.

The Warrior Forum is the place to go for Internet Marketing. It gets thousands and thousands of people every single day that discuss Internet Marketing and thousands of people that are looking for resources… like the ones you are offering. If your interest or expertise is in a different niche, simply do a google search using your niche + forum and you will most likely find lots!

One paid way is to pay for clicks using Google Adwords. If this is done right, you won’t have to pay lots of money to get lots of traffic to your website. I will explain it briefly but you will need to do a little tinkering to get the full effect… has pushed my business over the edge to the point of being extremely profitable. I highly suggest you give it a shot! If nothing else it could be worthwhile to try some of the other ways to get traffic that I mentioned in conjunction with Your Media Buyer. I hope that this has given you a little insight into the world of online marketing and that your business becomes a huge success!

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