How to make a successfull Fiverr business?

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How to make a succesfull Fiverr business?

When I first started using Fiverr I had big problems making any sales. I started creating multiple Gigs (mostly Social Media Marketing ones) but for some reason nobody wanted to buy them. It was  depressing. On one hand I was impressed of the opportunities Fiverr gives people who want to make money online but on the other hand it drove me insane that I haven’t made any sale yet.

After waiting some days I kind of gave up on Fiverr. I already forgot about the site until one day I received an E-Mail saying something like “Congrats, you just got an order from *username*. I was so happy even though I just made four bucks with it cause I realized that anyone can sell on Fiverr. After this event I promised myself not to give up and try again and again until I make some serious money out of this site.

After around 6 months I managed to make Fiverr one of my main sources of income. I decided to share the tricks, tactics and strategies I developed in this 6 months with the world so you don’t need that much time to make good money on Fiverr.

What you will read in this article are the things you have to do to become a great seller. With the tips I will show you, I guarantee you that you will be able to become at least a level 2 seller or even a Top Rated seller if you are doing it good. You will be able to earn at least $1200 a month by investing around 30 minutes a day. So don’t waste a minute and start with the 5 ultimate secrets your fiverr success.

So i got up a number of 10 golden rules you must follow exactly for building your Fiverr business.

1. Always Pick The Right Title, Description and Tags

This is probably the most important part when it comes to creating a Fiverr Gig. You can have the most creative and best service ever if you aren’t using the right title and the right description this service will bring you nowhere.

The 4 Secrets to a perfect Gig-Title:
Make it stand out → Use “checkmarks”, “stars”, use capital letters for the beginning letter of every word and make sure you write the most important word fully in capital letters (you can only write one word like that).
Make it easy to find → Search for titles of Gigs that are already popular and name your gig something like that or even give it the same title. Like Picasso said: “Good artists copy, great artists steel.”
Use as many Keywords as possible
Always add how much time it takes → Many people underestimate how important that is. Customers like very fast services. So you should always write “in less than 12h” at the end of your gig. Believe it or not but you will make 3 times more sales when you show your customer that you can do it fast (even if you can not do it in exactly this time).


Secrets To A Perfect Description
• Use a very long description → This is very important. Make the description as long as possible, go to the limit and include as many keywords as you can. And just like the title make it stand out by adding “stars” and “checks”
• Write everything in capital letters → It just stands out and will attract more customers

Secrets To The Perfect Tags
• How would you search for your Gig? → Always think about what you would type into the search engine if you wanted to find your gig. Then use this as a part of your tags. For example if you are selling “facebook likes” it would be something like “get more facebook likes”.
•Copy tags from popular Gigs in your Niche → look at what kind of tags successful sellers in your area use and then just copy them into your Gig. You don’t have to invent anything new because if they get tons of orders with their tags you can do it too.

2. The Perfect Picture

The picture of your gig will influence the amount of sales you will make. The most important thing is to play with the colors. When you create your own photo you should think about the colors and effects you want to use so a potential buyer will notice your gig out of all the other competitor services.

Secrets To The Perfect Picture:
• Use Big Numbers → People need to see what’s the most in important thing on your  gig especially if they just view the small version of the picture when they search for a service
• Make It Colorful → This will make your service stand out
• Use Objects People Are Familiar With → For example the Facebook or Twitter Icon. People will associate this with the actual sites and they will trust your service more.

3. Always Add A Video

Another very important thing is the video. You probably think if I have a good gig I don’t necessarily need to upload a video I will still make some sales. Maybe that’s true but you can’t believe how much more sales you can make just by uploading a simple 30 second long video. Of course there are some important rules you should look at before taking/uploading a video.

Secrets To The Perfect Fiverr-Gig Video
• Use a high quality camera → If you have such a camera you should use it. Fiverr is all about standing out and if you shoot your video in HD you will stand out for sure.
• Show yourself in the video → People love to see the seller in action. This will build an emotional relationship between you and your customers. They will trust you more. Make a short video and tell them what your gig is all about, be confident and friendly. (if you are to shy to do that just pay other people to do it for you).
• Wear clothes that stand out → To stand out in comparison to all this lame webcam videos with people wearing black or just boring clothes you should wear something special like a red, orange or yellow shirt or even a suit. Make everything out of this video!
•Upload the video directly after creating the gig → Right after you created your gig fiverr will give it a little promotion by putting it on the frontpage of your niche for some time. If you already added a video in this short time of promotion it will give your gig a blast and many people will check out your service.

4. Always Create Your Gig At The Right Time
Many people think it doesn’t matter when you’re creating your gig but this is wrong. It is very important to come up with a new gig when a lot of people are online. Let’s say you create your gig on a Sunday morning at 2am. By doing that you automatically throw away your short promo by fiverr itself cause your gig is simply not seen by a lot of people and a few hours later it will disappear from the “new
section” and nobody will buy it.

The best time to create a Gig is on Mondays/Tuesdays from 4-8pm → The reason for that is simple. At this time most of the fiverr users are online and looking for new gigs to buy and it is still the beginning of the week when people are more motivated to buy stuff than they are on other weekdays and on the weekends.

5. Manage Your Time Right | Make Your Gig An “Express Gig

By using the rules shown above you should be able to get some customers in at least 4-6 hours after you created your gig. Now comes the most important part which is to keep getting more and more buyers every single day. This process is all about the right time management. Our biggest goal is to make our Gig become an “Express Gig”.

This happens when you manage to deliver more than 5 orders in less than 24 hours. A gig that has the express sign (see picture on page 8) will get a lot more orders than the average one. Cause like I said people love fast services. But be careful! Once you gained the express status you should never deliver a minute to late otherwise you will lose this status and your orders will become less each and every day.

Secrets To The Right Time Management
• Make Sure That Completing A Single Gig Won’t Take Longer Than 10 Minutes → I made this mistake when I first started selling on Fiverr. I used to sell gigs that take 20-30 minutes to complete them which is way too long. If you want to make a decent amount of money on this site it should never take any longer than 10 minutes to finish your service. But the best time for one gig would be around 1-3 minutes.
• Write Standard Messages For Your Gig Delivery → Write a text and save it in a Word Document so you do not have to create a new message every single time you deliver your service. This saves a lot of time an is necessary when you want to have the right time management. So when it comes to the delivery of your service you just have to copy and past the text from your word document into the box on Fiverr.
• Do Everything To Keep The “Express Gig Status” → This status is very important for your future sales. A gig that has this status will make around 2 times more sales than the same gig without this status.

6. Make Sure You Always Get Good Comments

This is the most important thing when it comes to keep getting a lot of sales over a longer time period. You have to ask yourself the following: Would you buy a gig that has a lot of negative comments? A guess not. So you have to do everything in your power to satisfy your customers.

The best rating you can have is 100% which basically means that everybody who bought your gig left a good comment or at least gave you a positive rating. When a few people dislike your service you will fall down to a 99 or 98% rating. At this point you will notice that your numbers of daily sales go down very fast and sometimes it’s just better to delete the gig and create the same one another time. Here are some points that will help you to always get good comments and ratings:

Secrets To Get Good Comments And Ratings
• Deliver on time and do what you said you’d do → Don’t play any games with your customers. Do what you said in the gig title or even a bit more. Buyers on Fiverr tend to leave a negative comment very fast and you shouldn’t risk that.
• Put A “Bonus” In Your Delivery Message → You should add a Bonus to your actual gig. But make sure you just offer them this bonus when they leave a positive comment or rating. This way you can make it a lot more likely that your buyers will leave a positive feedback.

7. Delete Your “Bad” Gigs

If you have one or more gigs with less than 5 sales and a rating worse than 98%, delete them! Keeping these gigs will be bad for the rating of your profile. Make sure that people who visit your page only see gigs that have high ratings and a lot of sales. This way people will be more attracted to you as a seller than they would be if you had gigs with negative ratings.

8. Sell Something That People Actually Want To Buy

The first gig I ever created on Fiverr was a service where I wanted to photoshop people’s pictures in a vintage way. This doesn’t even sound that bad but the thing I haven’t thought about at this time was that there just weren’t enough people who actually wanted to order such a gig.

Of course Fiverr has a “Photoshop-Section” and of course it needs creativity and some talent to complete such a task but it is simply not the right way to set up a gig. Before creating a gig you should always go to the frontpage of Fiverr and check out the most popular gigs. You will notice that many
of them will look nearly the same but there are always one or two services that dominate a specific niche (for example twitter followers, search engine optimization, logo-design).

Nowadays it is nearly impossible to be able to dominate such a niche yourself cause there is just to much competition. Your Goal is to copy one of these popular gigs and make it even better.

9. Try To Keep The “Queue- Number” High

Rule number 4 said you should always have the right time management and it should never take more than 10 minutes for you to complete an order. Once you built a Fiverr Gig with these standards you become that master of your own time. A very good trick to get a lot of orders through the day and through the night is following:

If you have an Express Gig you have exactly 24 hours to deliver your service. Many people start to get crazy about it and complete every single gig directly after it comes in. This is the wrong strategy. Cause if you do it like that you keep your queue number low which will not increase your sales. You will make a lot of more sales when people see that a lot of other people already ordered your gig before them.

10. Create More Than One Version Of Your Gig | Make People Collect Your Gig

You should always try to put these gigs in the same categorie as the actual one. In this case it is “Online
Marketing”. Another important thing to make you gigs being seen by a lot of potential customers is to
make them collect your gig.

This has the nice side effect that your services will appear in other peoples collections which means they will be shown on there profile. This way your gig will be seen by a lot of different people everyday.

How do I bring people to collect my gig?
After you delivered your gig you should put a little note like “we appreciate if you’d collect our gig” at the end of your delivery message. If your buyer was satisfied with you service he will most likely do
you this favour and collect your gig.

Apply The Rules! → Create A Powerful Gig With A 100% Success Guarantee!

In this tutorial I wanted to show you how to create a powerful Gig from scratch. When I talk about a 100% success guarantee I mean that you definitely will make sales with this Fiverr Gig. The best thing is you do not necessarily have to be super talented or a genius. You can just do it like in this tutorial and it will work. So let’s start!

Have succes on Fiverr my reader!! I wish you that with all my heart !


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    6 thoughts on “How to make a successfull Fiverr business?

    1. FiverrTutorials

      I fully agree with most of what you said.
      Creating a long description and highlighting the facts about your gig (numbers, people looove numbers!) is a big one.

      Success on Fiverr is guaranteed if you follow these simple tips.

    2. Fiverr Success

      Wow, really lengthy and detailed post, nice!
      I think those are all great points but I think Gig extras are really key now when it comes to making a lot of money on Fiverr. $4 is nothing after Fiverr takes their cut but if you strip down a service you can do for $5 then attach Gig extras that a buyer would need to buy to make the service worthwhile, you’ll see a nice bump in the average selling price and thus, your hourly rate on Fiverr.

    3. Terence

      I have only been on Fiverr for 3 months and I don’t recognize some of the things you are discussing here.

      What do you mean by “Make People Collect Your Gig”? And what does “An “Express Gig” look like?

      I have never seen either.

    4. BBB

      Although some of your points are right… a lot are completely wrong.

      Adding “Stars and Check marks” actually bring your service down in the Search results because they confuse the algorithm used by Fiverr. Not to mention they just look ridiculous to everyone looking.

      But, now to the important stuff.

      Deleting your “Bad” gigs do NOT change your rating. If you have a gig with a few bad reviews and you delete it… the bad reviews stay on your profile. Never delete gigs with bad ratings because it hurts your over-all rating. Plus, you get penalized for the deletion of the gig via their search algorithm. Trust me on this. Deleted gigs with bad reviews stay on your profile and hurt your overall rating. Don’t believe me? That’s what the world map on a sellers profile is for. Hover over the map. You’ll see. NEVER EVER delete gigs that get bad reviews. Just work to fix them. Or not. It’s your profile.

      Do NOT keep gigs in Que for any longer than needed. The faster you deliver the gigs the more Fiverr loves you and the higher you’ll appear in their search results. If you have a gig marked for delivery in 2 days and get it done in 1 day the Fiverr system rewards the seller. Not to mention that as a buyer I hate it when people do that.

      Try NOT to make more than 1 of your gigs. Fiverr will delete your gigs if they catch you doing this. It also dilutes the already over saturated market. You have 3 of the same gig? Well let me put it this way. If 1 of your gigs get’s 9 impressions… because you made 3 of the same gig each one now only get’s 3. For you that’s cool. But no remember everyone else is doing it. Plus, like I said, it’s against the rules.

      Overall I could continue correcting this post but what’s the point.

      Aside from the poster saying to always do your best work… there’s a lot wrong here.

      Who am I? I’ll tell you if you ask. But on Fiverr I’m a 3+ year member who’s been really active in the last year and a half. I’ve also sold over 10,000 gigs with 0 negative reviews.

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