Import the best sheep and cattle from one of the leading sources in the world: Romania


It is well known that Romanian sheep are the best. Why? Because they have great meat, milk and wool. While some breed of sheep may be better at growing wool, all breeds can be used for meat. But, if you want a sheep for wool, first of all, you need to know some things that may be useful before buying sheep (HERE you can buy the best sheep and cattle). In this article, we will talk about sheep breeds and the cows for sale that you can find in Romania.


Romanian sheep has the best wool and meat

When you are looking for buying sheep that have a high-quality wool, Romania is the best choice. Because Romania has a long tradition of raising sheep across its variety of mountains, hills, and plains, many people from here are sheep breeders. This is a Romanian tradition, from generation to generation. In Romania, there are several breeds of sheep such as Tsurcana (80,5%), Tsigai (5.34%) and Merinos sheep.

  • Tsurcana sheep have a grey, white or black wool and the longest hairs are 12-36 cm long.

  • Merino breed origins are from Spain and the modern Merinos were domesticated in Australia. Today, Merinos are regarded as having the finest wool of any sheep.

  • The finest wool has the lower diameter. You will see that fibers used for clothing are those with low micron counts. Merinos are the best at this. Wool with higher micron counts can be used for rug fiber, felting, and other non-clothing uses.


  • Domestic Tsigai is often bred for its great milk. For example, in the milking period, Tsigai sheep yields 110-120 litres of milk.

Cattle for sale? Yes, in Romania!

Cattle are bred for their meat (veal and beef), milk and dairy products. Because the veal has a higher quality, it commands higher prices in the market. Its taste is incredibly good. If you are looking to import cattle, in Romania you will find the best of them. Seradria is a company founded in 1994, in Bucharest. Its main object of activity is the sale of sheep and cattle livestock, fattening and veterinary treating. Another activity is that of exporting the highest quality animal feed. All year round, they have the best alfalfa, due to the use of the latest technologies in the industry.


Seradria has a farm, located at 25 km of Cluj-Napoca city. Per year, Seradria’s farm has a capacity of around 150 000 lambs (sheep) and cattle (bulls). All the conditions required by the European Union are met.

Every single lamb or bull has a unique identification number which is electronically stored in the ANSVSA servers. Another good thing is that every animal is delivered with an individual passport where the client can find details of their birth date and much more.

Because Seradria is paying attention to every client’s necessities, for Israel they castrate the lambs before exporting them.

Seradria has a very good relationship with clients from the European Union and Middle East countries. They work with: Austria, Italy, Turkey, Tunisia, Israel, Spain, Greece and many others.

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