How to generate interest on your YouTube videos?

How to generate interest on your YouTube videos?Once you have grabbed the attention of your viewer, it’s a great idea to build even more interest and mystery in the video. There are a few ways in which you can do this.

1. Telling Stories
Story telling has long been one of the most effective methods of selling an idea. In fact, one of the reasons religion has stood the test of time, are the incredible well told inter woven stories. Selling is no different! A great way to keep people interested is by telling them a story.

2. Mystery
A powerful way to keep a viewer hooked to your video is by not answering the questions too fast! If you reveal too much too quickly, your viewer won’t have to wait for the climatic end. By having cliff hangers and mystery in your video, you can create excellent intrigue, which will keep people hooked to your videos.

Remember: Create visual stories and scenarios that your viewer can imagine. E.g. “If you follow this video through, you’re going to be shocked at how dramatically your life will change. You’ll generating income from different streams, faster than you ever thought was possible. You need to prepare yourself, because life is going to get incredibly lush!”

Leave intrigue by using simple phrases like “But before we get to that… let me tell you about…” and “But first let’s talk about” … etc.

Finally, do not try to sell anything yet, don’t talk about your product or service. For better understanding on this part i recommend the best video tutorial series at This tutorials will set your mind the right way from begginner to expert!

Now that you’ve been through the process of hooking your viewer on to your video, it’s time to set yourself apart and really differentiate yourself from your competition. At the end of the day, most (profitable) niches and markets online are competitive markets… therefore it’s important to set yourself apart.

Here’s how you can do that!
1. Provide High Value Straight Away – Just because you are selling something on your video, doesn’t mean you can’t spend a few minutes providing some golden nuggets and tips; this will help position you with your viewers in a positive light.
2. Show The Proof – One of the best ways to show you are the real deal, is show results for what you or your product can do.
3. Overcome Obstacles – When people are being presented with information that can help them, they automatically have barriers up telling them why something won’t work. So it’s your job to make sure you can deal with the objections before the viewer switches off.

Adding to the third point, you want to differentiate yourself on key aspects, which are;
1. Time – Is your solution faster? How long does it take to learn?
2. Cost – Are you cheaper than the competition?
3. Difficulty – Is your solution complicated or simple to implement?
4. Support – Some solutions have poor support, do you?
5. Experience – Is this something you’ve done before and tried yourself?

Effectively this section is about building the bridge to the actual offer you have in place for the viewer. The opening of the video does not really present an offer or idea that there will be a sell at the end, but now it’s time to start building towards the sale.

The best way to build the bridge is using yes questions such as; “Now, what if there was a solution out there that cost you less than a meal, and could fix all those problems…” This is a good way to build a bridge to the actual offer you have in place.

This is pretty much the simplest part of your video as you’ve done the ground work of keeping your viewer engaged with your video.

Simply put, present the product via its name and explain what kind of media they are going to receive. E.g. “Introducing My product… A step by step video guide to bank you xyz dollars in xyz time”… very simple stuff! You will want to cover a few elements when presenting your offer, let’s have a look here;

1. Benefits
Remember to cover a list of benefits, NOT features. A benefit will explain what the product does to help the prospect. A feature will simply tell us a fancy element of the product. Remember what your viewer is after, i.e. what their problem is, and then directly sell to that problem with the benefits of your solution. Continue reading »

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