Understanding the Basics of Keyword Research

Understanding the Basics of Keyword ResearchThe main goal is to get quick search engine traffic to your site as soon as possible. My advice is to target low competitive keywords so that you can get quick rankings and then work your way up to more competitive keywords.

I think that once you actually get rankings and see visitors in your web analytic program that this will motivate you to stick with your online business. It can be very discouraging working hard and seeing little in return.

What are the traffic goals that you want to reach for your site? What are the monetary goals? Do you realistically think this is possible with your current resources and expertise?

In this article we will get acquainted with some of the tools and resources needed for effective keyword research. The tools/ resources needed are listed below:

  • Free time
  • High speed wifi
  • Excel program / Word processor / Text file
  • Research tools: Keyword planner
  • Ant virus / spyware combo
  • Coffee, snacks, etc

Time: Conducting good keyword research takes time and occasionally patience. You can complete this process in 5 minutes but I wouldn’t personally recommend it.

There could be many variables that you overlook if you speed up this process and I’m constantly gobsmacked by the lack of time webmasters give this process.

Keywords are the fundamental basis to your online marketing campaigns. They should be used to:

  • Figure out what topic to write an eBook about
  • What topics you should blog about
  • Which subject to develop an in-depth tutorial about
  • Which phases to trigger the display of your Facebook ads

In other words, without the right keywords every subsequent step in the online marketing process is futile. Webmasters should start with low-competitive keywords and then scale their way up.

Most webmasters tend to start with hyper-competitive keywords which are like trying to catch a large fish in the Atlantic Ocean.

Sure, that fish may be big but you’re letting greed cripple your rational thinking. How are you going to catch that one big fish within 41,000,000 square miles?

It’s virtually impossible, and by doing so you’re ignoring the abundance of small fish that you could have easily caught along the way.

So, the moral of the story is to start collecting smaller fishes as it will sooner or later add up to the size of the large one.

High-speed wifi: This is something that is heavily overlooked with operating an online business. When it comes to keyword research having a fast internet connection is crucial. If you’re located in a rustic location or simply are unsatisfied with your current internet service provider then there are several solutions. Living in a modern society entails us to access wifi in a variety of places.

Having fast internet connection is a MUST and it’s difficult not to find a hotspot around you regardless of where you live.

Excel program / Word processor / Text file: Since keyword research is a variation of datamining you’ll need to store your data in some type of file. My recommendation is to store it in an excel file as its tabulated which makes organizing categories of content easier.

If you don’t have Microsoft office then a quality open source alternative is called open office which you can download here: https://www.openoffice.org/download/.

If you want to add your keyword lists into a word document or text file then you can but you must remember that it will be much difficult to organize the content to the same comparability of a spreadsheet program.

Research tools: In order to conduct effective keyword research you will need to some research tools to collect some numbers. Continue reading »

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