How to transfer video from your phone to a PC

How to transfer video from your phone to a PC

Before we attempt to get our videos from our phone to the PC or Mac, we have to do some house chores. We can’t be sure of what format our phones might record in. It could be any number of formats, from AVI, to 3GP, to MOV.

So, to make certain that we will be able to view and edit our videos once we have them on the PC or Mac, we need to have resident on the computer an application that will ensure that we can actually view and edit the footage. At present, the best all-around application to see and perhaps even edit video is QuickTime. So let’s go online with our PC and download the free version of QuickTime. (If you’re using a Macintosh, you don’t need to worry. QuickTime comes built in). I’ll walk you through this:

1. Point your browser to
2. Click Download on the left side of the window to open the page from which you can
download the QuickTime player.
3. Download the reader, and follow the wizard steps to install the program.

Now comes the hard part. There are several ways (surprise!) to get the video from your phone to your PC or Mac, or if you like, even directly to the Web. In this section, we’ll deal with the most popular methods:

  • Send via USB
  • Send via Bluetooth
  • Send via e-mail, as an attachment
  • Transfer via microSD disk

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Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. And once again (you’re gonna get sick of me telling you this), the best method depends on a combination of things, including your hardware, your carrier, your present location, and your whim. So let’s examine each briefly so that you can make your choice. Whichever method you choose, the end result is that you will have the video file on your PC or Mac, ready to be edited.

Transfer via USB (PC Only)
Wireless schmireless. Sometimes you have to take one step back to go two steps forward, right? One would think this method would be pretty direct, pretty simple. Well, think again. Your phone probably didn’t come with a USB cable that connects to your PC. It probably didn’t even come with any software to help you sync directly to your PC. Of course, there is a reason for that.

The cell phone carrier doesn’t make any money from you when you’re sending files via USB. It only makes money when you’re using its system, wirelessly. If your phone didn’t come with a synchronization software package, you can easily find one online. In order to correctly connect your cell phone to your computer, you need a special USB cable. In the cell phone world, they are also known as data cables. Make sure the cable has the correct adapter for your phone on one end, and a normal PC USB adapter at the other.

You can find them at most electronics stores, computer superstores, and online stores. ( is a good resource for finding freeware, shareware, and commercial applications and utilities for your PC. Synchronization software ranges from free up to $30. Follow these steps to find and install a suitable sync application: Continue reading »

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