How to find backlinks from EDU forums

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Forums, Discussion boards and Community websites are another easy source to build good quality .edu backlinks. In general, we can find forums and communities using the query: inurl:”forum” “register.php”

All of these forum sites must be created using some type of forum software. Knowing this, we are going to find the website on Google. The most popular script to create a forum or discussion board is vBulletin.

Just like the ‘powered by mediawiki’ phrase we’ve seen in another article, the vbulletin script adds a ‘powered by vbulletin’ tagline on any website built using the platform. Search query to find vbulletin powered .edu websites: “powered by vBulletin”

On a few .edu forums, new registrations are disabled. To sort this out while searching for a forum you may also try searches like “powered by vbulletin” “register.php” “powered by vbulletin” inurl:”register.php”

The registration process is very simple since you’re using roboform. 80% of the forums require a valid email address to create accounts. Once you confirm your account, go to ‘usercp’. There you can edit your profile and add a website on ‘options’ and place signature links.

Some websites won’t allow signature links—you may come to know this only after you’re done with the registration process. In such cases you can place your link (non-keyword link) on the ‘options’ as ‘your website’.

Another important thing is fresh accounts may not be able to drop a signature. (the format is [URL=””]your keyword[/URL]) You may have to wait one or two weeks to place your signature on some of the .edu forums.

You should wait and create your signature on such websites. If the forum has some good discussions, you may participate on one or two threads and drop some replies (even possible to drop your website link and send some traffic if you play intelligently—DO NOT SPAM).

You may also try the following query to find forums where signatures are allowed (can’t be 100% accurate if the forum admin has modified the script) “powered by vbulletin” signature Other popular forum software packages are PHPBB, SMF, etc.

Here are the search queries to find .edu forums on other platforms. You may also append the phrase inurl:”register” to get better results. “powered by phpbb” “powered by SMF” “powered by VaultWiki” “powered by drupal”

Look at the various screens of link building on forums:

How to register EDU forums

How to put a link on edu forum

Edu forum list

See how the website link and signature link will appear (with your anchor text) once you’re done. You can always find new websites yourself by applying the strategies you’ve just learned. For those who would like to have some of the .edu can buy forum lists already scraped. You can create your own pages, instantly. Make good use of roboform to save your time with the registration process.

If you are interested to have more instant backlinks – we’ve added an One time offer of 100+ .edu backlinks for just 15 cents per link. Find a very good site which sells EDU and Gov backlinks here : Best edu backlinks, or you can buy lots of high page rank links in here  Best 5000 high Pr backlinks.

If you want to fully automated the EDU backlinks for your site you definetely need this software . I am simply in love with it : Instant Backlink Magic. It is a very good deal !!

To get more edu backlinks, a have added a few more search queries to squeeze the big G harder. Backlinks from EDU or GOV sites are always good, because they get a trust factor from Google.

Not everyone can register an EDU or GOV site (yes you can in other countries, but I’m talking about the .edu and .gov ones). That is why Google gives more weight to a link from one of these domains. Go to Google and paste one of the following search strings in there:

Code: “powered by wordpress” “leave a comment” | “leave a post” | “leave a reply”-“comments off” | -“comments are closed” Code: “powered by wordpress” “leave a comment” | “leave a post” | “leave a reply”-“comments off” | -“comments are closed”

I will explain what this will do, edu and gov are the same. First it will look for domains with the .edu extension. After that it will see if it uses WordPress. Then it will see if you can leave a comment on the page.

It looks for “leave a comment” OR “leave a post” OR “leave a reply” It will not show results where there is -“comments off” OR -“comments are closed” That is where the minus (-) sign is for. There is much debate about backlinks from relevant content. Will it make a bigger difference? I would say yes, but I can’t prove that.

However, does it really matter? Just make the search string (also called a footprint) a little bit different and you will get related posts to put a comment on. So use this:

Code: intitle:mortgage “powered by wordpress” “leave a comment” | “leave a post” | “leave a reply”-“comments off” | -“comments are closed”

Then it will find all related Mortgage edu Blogs. I got 10 results, but I will introduce the tilde here. The tilde looks like this ~ So ~mortgage is the keyword. The tilde will force Google to return everything related to mortgage in the eyes off Google.

Now see how many results you get Before you go and open one of these sites to see if you can leave a comment there, be sure to download the NoDofollow plugin.

That is needed, because there isn’t a footprint that is 100% accurate! Also see if they allow HTML tags in your comment, so the <a href=” one. That is needed to link back to your site. If they don’t allow it, use your keyword as your name and that will become the link to your site. Make sure that your comment has some value. Do NOT use, I like your post kind of comments.

That is a sure way to get your comment deleted and all your hard work is gone! When you are done with WordPress, you can replace that with any other blog platform Of course you can use the footprint to find normal blogs, so not edu or gov. Just take out and you are done.

Be sure to install the SEOQuake plugin, so you can sort the results from the highest PR. Because when it comes to “normal” Blogs I will always go after the PR2+ ones and leave a comment there.

There are millions of those to be found, just be creative with your keyword use. I have also attached footprints with this package. These are the command strings you must use “***********************” “***********************” Inside the *****, You must use the text given below

· /board · /board/ · /cgi-bin/forum/ · /cgi-bin/forum/ · /foren/ · /forum/ · /forum/?fnr= · /forumdisplay.php? · /forumdisplay.php?f= · /forums/ · /index.php?a=register · /index.php?board · /index.php?t= · /index.php?t=thread · /misc.php?action= · /phorum/ · /phpbb/ · /phpbb3/ · /post?id= · /posts/reply/ · /profile.php?id= · /punbb/ · /quicksilver/ · /registermember · /seoboard/ · /sutra · /unb/ · /usebb/ · /user/profile/ · /viscacha/ · /viscacha/register.php · a product of lussumo · act=login&func=register · act=post&forum=19 · act=reg · act=sf · act=st · action=display&thread · add message · add topic · BB code is On · bb-login.php · bbpress topic.php · bbpress/register.php · bbpress/topic.php?id · bbs · bbs/ezboard.cgi · bbs1/ezboard.cgi · board · board/ezboard.cgi · · · bulletin board register · bulletin · cgi-bin/ezboard.cgi · cgi-bin/forum.cgi · cgi-bin/forum/ · comments.php?discussionid= · community/forum.php? · community/index.php · community/register.php · discussion board register · forum By continuing with the sign up process you agree to the above rules and any others that the Administrator · forum I am at least 13 years old. · forum In order to proceed, you must agree with the following rules: · forum · forum new replies · forum new topic · forum post thread · forum register I have read, and agree to abide by the · forum signup · forum To continue with the registration procedure please tell us when you were born. · forum view thread · forum · forum.php?req · forum.php?req=register · forum.php?s= · forumdisplay.php · forums – Registration Agreement · forums new replies · forums new topic · Forums Posting Statistics Newest Member · forums register · forums/show/ · hosted for free by zetaboards · Hot thread with no new posts · If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before · inanchor:ip.board · inanchor:vbulletin · inanchor:yabb · index.php · index.php?a=forum · index.php?a=post&s=topic · index.php?a=register · index.php?a=vtopic · index.php?action=register · index.php?action=registernew · index.php?action=vtopic · index.php?fid · index.php?s= · index.php?t=post&frm_id= · index.php?t=usrinfo · invision · ipb · · · list.php · listforums? · lofiversion · login.jbb · login.php · login.php?register=1 · member.php?action= · member.php?action=register · message board register · module=posts&action=insert&forum_id · modules.php · Most Online Today Most Online Ever Forums · new thread forum · new thread · new topic · new_member.jbb · new_topic.jbb? · new_topic.php? · newbb · newbbs/ezboard.cgi · newreply.php? · newreply.php?do=newreply · newthread.php? · newthread.php?do=newthread · · panel.php?act=register · phorum · phorum/list.php · phorum/posting.php · phorum/register.php · phpbb register forum · phpbb/posting.php?mode=newtopic · phpbb/posting.php?mode=reply · phpbb/profile.php?mode=register · phpbb/viewforum.php? · phpbb3/posting.php?mode=post · phpbb3/posting.php?mode=reply · phpbb3/ucp.php?mode=register · · · post new topic · · post.php · post/?type · post/printadd?forum · posting · · postmessage.aspx · posts/list · powered by bbpress · powered by e-blah forum software · powered by fluxbb · powered by forum software minibb · powered by icebb · powered by invision power board · powered by ip.board · Powered by IP.Board · powered by javabb 0.99 · Powered By MyBB · powered by phpbb · powered by phpbb3 · Powered by PunBB register.php · Powered by PunBB viewforum.php · powered by punbb · powered by quicksilver forums · powered by seo-board · powered by smf 1.1.5 · powered by smf · powered by the unclassified newsboard · powered by ubb.threads · powered by usebb forum software · powered by vbulletin · powered by viscacha · powered by xennobb · powered by xmb · powered by yabb · powered by yaf · powered by: fudforum · · profile.php · proudly powered by bbPress · punbb register forum · punbb/register.php · Quick Reply Quote message in reply? · register forum Please Enter Your Date of Birth · register iam over 13 years of age forum · register.aspx · register.php · reply.jbb · send message · send thread forum · send thread · seoboard/index.php?a=vforum · showthread.php · Similar Threads All times are GMT +1 · · SMF register forum · The Following User Says Thank You to for this post · this forum is powered by phorum · Thread is closed · thread · topic · topic.php?id · ubb · ubb=newpost&board=1 · ubb=postlist · ultimatebb · ultrabb · · Users active in past 30 minutes: SMF · vbulletin forum signup · VBulletin forum · vbulletin · vbulletin/register.php · version · View previous topic :: View next topic forums · view topic forum · view_forum.php?id · viewforum.php?id · · · yabb · yaf_rules.aspx · yaf_topics · · You cannot post new topics in this forum · Powered by wordpress

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        It might be bad strategy if you use them unproperly! Do not put no pr spammed pages pointed to your blog. But if you find pr 2-5 pages unspammed it is real force. Also you can use them for 3rd tier of a good link pyramid.

        The next article will be about how to create your own personal edu blog …so stay focused on this blog!!

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