an affiliate platform scam?

Share Button is a scamFirst of all i have to tell that the title is a question not a statement. At least , yet. I have  my own story whith real facts, i hope i am the only one that has been banned by this new affiliate marketing platform called and if so i am just a “small” victim of a system.

So let’s start the story like it is. A famous promoter on known as Abbas Ravji has launched a very interesting plaftorm called Socio Synd and i was very anxious to promote it . I have worked in the past with this guy based on platform that makes an instant payment to affiliates which is most than fair.

So i have asked for affiliate accept , he accepted me instantly because i have made some sales , more than 30 with other products he sold in the past. I was anxious about the product and i start promoting Abbas Ravji’s new platform on my clients lists , on my seo blogs talking very well about this amazing product. (cause i got to say that the product is ok). After promoting this link for a week or two  i have seen that nobody bought it , but my clients asked me about how to manage it.

In a week i have checked the thread and i have seen that Abbas Ravji has changed the sales thread with a link to another thread on That means that all my referals does not brought me any money. The funny thing is that he has made this without any email or simply closing the deal on Warriorplus.( btw is still active for promotion there ) !!! So be carefull cause you will get no commissions!

The new thread has asked me to make an account to a new platform called ’cause is the new affiliate platform they have decided to deal with their affiliates. It was a kind of funny because i am kind of old in affiliate marketing and never heard about it. Abbas as a serious marketer could choose one of most  known platforms such as :, Jvzoo, Paydotcom..etc…

But i say what the hack , it could be something new and  maybe better done. So i have made an account and start promoting the new affiliate link. I haven’t checked it every day but at a week or two i have seen that i have sent more than 1000 unique hits to this offer , exactly is 1033, but no sales whatsoever.  I have said to myself that pleople does not understand the system or does not suits them and i was a little bit happy ’cause nobody knows Abbas Ravji‘s products as i know . I haven’t thought that is a scam platform, not for a second.

Few days ago i have called some of my clients to chit chat about their new seo positions ( you know how it is ) and 10 of them have told me that they have bought the system promoted by me and asked me for a Skype conference to help them set it up properly. This is the moment when i first thought that is a scam and it is possible that famous warrior Abbas Ravji could be a scammer.

So i have contacted and asked for what happened . I will publish the entire email corespondence with Scott, the man behind the nick Abbas Ravji to make your own opinion  about it. My first email it was like this :

Hi Abbas

i am very angry with you . You have rejected my affiliate subscription. I have recommended to all my clients and made at least 15 sales and got no commission. I thought you are fair …. i am a long time affiliate of yours. Please check my account and verify me . I need my commissions otherwise i will not promote your products anymore!!

My dealgurdian id is : xxxxx

I am waiting for my money and a fair resolution to this issue!!

The aswer from Scott has came the other day and sounds like this :

The reason is the traffic numbers were 800+ visitors with zero sales. These types of numbers destroys our conversion percent which downgrades our offer.

Compared to other sellers this is very very low quality traffic and something that we can’t have. So the system kicked you in banned affiliate based on our pre-set conditions for ratios. So it was not personal.

We are happy to help you so your traffic converts. But we need to know specifically how you  are sending traffic.We promise to work with you but we don’t just want high random traffic  that doesn’t convert.

Please get back to us with how you’ve marketed so far and your ideas for bring in better targeted traffic that will purchase.


So this is for the first time in my entire internet marketing experience ( more than 6 years) when somebody blame me for sending traffic to his sales page. It is very funny though!

Ok i have aswered him like this : “But what you do with my sales . I have clients that bought your product . I even teach them how to use it prperly. I have promoye it on my seo blogs with high traffic such as if you do not pau my commission so far i will never promote your products and tell this story on my blogs. Sorry but i work hard and i need my money too.

The aswer came almost instantly this time :” Hi,

Everything is tracked through They take all the payments and handle all the  financials for SociSynd. We setup the banning protocol to protect our stats but if you feel you are
owed for X amount of sales then this is something you need to take up with Dealguardian

We’ve explained our reasoning behind this but it was not to take away anyone’s earnings they


My response : ” Scott i am sorry to not belive your explanations. I work with lots of promoters around the world . I have more than 100 websites in different niches.

I am a big guy . Now i actually understand why you are not working with Warriorplus anymore .. 

PS You are the first promoter bothered by traffic sent !! This is making me laugh …

Ok .. keep your money but i will not promote your producta anymore and i will tell the story on my blogs and on Warriorforum where i am a respected member.

It is the first time when this happened to me !! Have a nice day

I have been touche something with my last email cause the answer came with a little more force:

We’ve been forth right in explaining why you were banned due to our rules for affiliate conversion rates. This has nothing to do with anything other then the raw traffic vs lack of sales numbers.

We’ve told you that you can contact Deal Guardian to present your case and it’s your choice whether you do that or not. All transactions are collected by them and we only get paid after a waiting period from the refund date.

It’s the first time we’ve used Deal Guardian and we feel their method for dealing with affiliates could be improved.

But threatening us with bad press on your blog is not improving your case to your character. We’ve told you we’d be willing to working with you but you’ve already  decided in your mind how things are. So we will also present the figures to those that ask why you were banned. The facts are we don’t take in funds directly and  the funds and tracking is all handled by Deal Guardian.

Sorry you are of this opinion but we will defend ourselves if you try to slander us.


I have send another email : ” My purpose is not to make you bad name. Believe me i have so many things to do ..but people has to know about it …

I am affiliate on Warriorplus, Clickbank, Jvzoo, Paydotcom but never happened this to me in more than 6 years of blogging. Sorry Scott i have no time to argue or chat with DealGuradian begging for what is mine ( is it not my way of doing things). I will tell the story as it is with your answers and people will think who is wrong in this story.

I guess you have nothing against telling the thruth? Or is not so? 🙂


PS This email is not a threat , is a fact!! I will talk about real things and talkings without any lies !!

He answered me for the last time like this : ” We have stated the facts and you not having time to deal with it is your excuse. The facts are:

You sent loads of traffic to our offer without any sales and we have a set limit on when an affiliate does this to shut them down. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been marketing since the beginning of the internet or who you are. It’s irrelevant. The poor performance was the reason and you can’t accept that.

We’ve stated if you are owed commissions then take it up with Deal Guardian. We have nothing against getting your just due but we don’t want you marketing our program with high traffic low sales.

That’s it mate and if you above it all. Don’t have time for and want to present it like we are taking advantage. We will stand our ground.

Cheers to you!

So i have decided to publish the story here and you can decide who is right and who is not. I have promised Scott that i will send him the article too.

What we can learn from my experience ? Work only with well known affiliate marketing platform such as :, , Jvzoo, And if you feel that i am right please share this article for everybody to know and stop these scammers.

And i have checked the internet a little and it seems that i am not the only one who consider that is a scam. Read this articles below :  A Deal with the Boiler Room Guardian


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    5 thoughts on “ an affiliate platform scam?

    1. Hector

      DealGuardian is not a scam. I’m surprised that anyone who’s a knowledgeable affiliate such as yourself would shout “scam” that easily…

      This vendor (Abbas) decided that he did not want to have you as an affiliate because your traffic was simply not generating sales for you, so he blacklisted you. It’s his product, and thus his right, to decide which affiliates to work with.

      We, DealGuardian, have no say in this issue: like I said, it’s the vendor’s right to decide that. However, I’ve checked your reports and you sent THOUSANDS of clicks to this product with NO SALE whatever. That means that your traffic is not targeted, so I understand the vendor decision to disapprove you as an affiliate.

      I’m baffled at how you can label DealGuardian as a scam. It shows absolutely no professionalism on your end, as well as no true understanding of how this industry works.

    2. bradudan Post author

      Hi Hector and i am glad to host your Dealgurdian point of view here . This is fair.

      So let’s talk about what make me “ask my audience” about Dealgurdian as a scam?

      1. First of all this is not a “slander ” action by my side. If i want to slander you or Abbas i should post 100 versions of this article on my 100 seo blogs . That you could call a slander action, but i will not make this. This is just a “get even article”.

      Why i am very , very dissapointed about you and Abbas?

      1. First i have not got any email that i was banned from Abbas and i still promote his ( or yours) link which still goes to his sale page and make hits from my blogs. The fair thing from your side should be to inform me immediately about getting banned and close my affiliate link !!!!

      2. I have more than 5 clients that bought SociSynd ( I can prove that) through that affiliate dealguardian link, after i have been banned ( Without being informed about it ) . This makes me research a little and find out i was banned.

      3. If my clients wouldn’t told me about it,this would go on indefinetely, getting hits to that sales page without getting any payments.

      If this one is not a scam , i do not how to properly ” define” it anymore.

      So i have decided to get even with you and Abbas by writing this article, only with real facts that i can prove. I repeat this is not a slander action…it is just a little payback article.

      Maybe this story will make you set up your system so this will never happened again, ’cause it is not fair for any affiliates . This is the bright side of the story. We all have to learn from it.

      PS I have seen that you have closed my account on dealgurdian. May i ask you why? This is very nasty man ! I am good client after all. I have payed an product there. Be careful what you do or i can ask for a legal action against you!

      1. bradudan Post author

        hi Sadek and thanks for dropping by. I might say that is not my problem who’s fault is. I just have been faked and people should know about it . That is All!

    3. Jason

      It sounds as if the traffic you was sending was not good and effecting the vendors stats. If you sent over 800 visitors to a product of mine with zero sales then I wouldn’t want you to promote either.

      Also in regards to Dealguardian then I believe they do instant commissions now

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