How To Make Money Over Facebook

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How To Make Money Over Facebook

You’re about to discover exactly how to leverage the over 1 billion users of to generate quick and easy cash (and lots of it) using nothing but Facebook. These Techniques do not take a lot of time, they require zero start up money, and they can be implemented immediately.

Included in this article strategies are ideas that you can put to use RIGHT NOW! This guide is an overview of many different strategies that you can immediately start using to make a lot of money on Facebook, but it is imperative that you use your own creativity to customize each idea.

Facebook is constantly changing, and that is the very reason why there has never been a better time to get into the game. If you follow the strategies outlined in the this training, there is truly no limit to the potential that is in making money on Facebook. It is important, however, that you get creative with your plan of attack and you stay updated with the latest changes on Facebook.

Therefore, read this article, read it again, make your own ‘twists’ to the strategies. In fact, did you know that you can even make money on Facebook without any business, goods, or services of your own? It’s easy, and all it takes is a little known how.

Facebook Advertising Guide
Some people easily give up in the Facebook game because of the changes that occur, and that is good news for those who are committed. Those who truly make the most money on the internet are those that learn to adapt. If you think creatively and put the strategies to work, you will be successful. It is very important that you stay on top of the latest changes.

If you do not, you can potentially miss out on a lot of money, and we are sure that you do not want to do that. This article teaches the right way to do things. Follow the steps in detail (while still adding your own ideas and twists to each). Those who quit are those who try to cut corners and get off easy. Making money on Facebook is very easy, but it is also easy to get lazy and do things incorrectly. However, you are not going to be one of those people, because you are going to put the practices outlined in this article to good use and make a lot of money.

Facebook is a powerful social networking site that connects members with others around them. Facebook can serve a lot of purposes: it can act as a constant way to read about your friends and to update them on your life; users can employ it as a photo album to broadcast their images to people all over their network; it can serve as a means to gather your favourite links for others to see, and of course, it can be used to meet new people and learn lots about them right away and from the comfort of your computer.

In fact, for many, Facebook is like a catalogue of romantically-eligible students in their area, that they can browse through in their pyjamas, and then send short, informal messages to if they’re interested. It’s a great way to connect without having to deal with rejection or awkwardness (at least initially), and since so many people use Facebook, most college students think nothing of receiving a message from a fellow student that they have never met.

If you’re reading this article then you’ve most likely already read our website that wants to teach you Internet Marketing in 5 minutes per day, right? This site promotes different products through a powerful affiliate marketing strategy through Clickbank, so that mean that you can do it yourself gaining commission selling niche products to the potential millions of people demanding it on Facebook! And some pays you a HUGE 50% commission per month on each and every sale!

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On you can find amazing products to promote and gain easy money even without any website or your own product. It is mandatory to have one Clickbank account nowadays.

So let’s get back to Facebook tutorial .

Anywhere there are that many people in one place, there is opportunity to make money. Especially when it’s so easy to communicate with them. Technically you aren’t supposed to use Facebook for “commercial” purposes, but you can get a TON of money without breaking the rules.

And even if you did, it wouldn’t matter much. The worst thing that would happen is that they might close your account after a while, and you’d have to open a new one.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re not going to suggest that you do anything crazy … I just want you to understand that Facebook isn’t something to be afraid of using to generate lots of money.

Anyway, the general strategy with Facebook is to build up a large “friends list”. Then once you have a lot of “friends” you can indirectly promote your website links to get sales.

This isn’t nearly as difficult as it may sound at first, because quite frankly most people using Facebook are doing it to have fun, to be entertained, and make new friends. If you did nothing at all you’ll even find people inviting you to be their “friend” out of the blue.

Using a few simple strategies you’ll see that it’s very easy to build up a huge friends list and start generating cash from it. It does take a bit of effort to set everything in motion, but it’s one of the best “long-term strategies” for getting tons of money.

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First of all, let’s begin with a brief overview of what’s affiliate marketing.

Affiliate sales is growing all over the internet. Just about every website that deals with internet marketing offers an affiliate program for individuals that is free.

In order to become an affiliate of a easy sale, you will need to sign up yourself and get the link for referrals. Then, you can use Facebook to discuss how you found such a great opportunity to make money online and how it is so easy that you do not understand why everyone does not do it. You can post this on your blog, on your friends’ walls and on social forums. In order for you to get paid as an affiliate, anyone you refer will have to use your link.

Affiliate programs offer individuals a chance to sell a variety of products for a percentage online. They are free to join and there are no out of pocket expenses. Using Facebook to sell affiliate products or services can be a great way to make some money without having to make any sort of investment.

There is really no limit as to the amount of money you can make if you are sales savvy and can use both marketing strategies as well as effortless sales techniques to sell your affiliate products and services to your friends on Facebook. This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make money on the internet and best of all, it costs absolutely nothing to start up.

Affiliate Marketing is a lot more popular and easy to start than you think. The concept is, you join a marketplace like for example. Then you chose a digit code or username, and you choose which products to promote. You then take your Clickbank username or code and put it in the URL address of the web site or product you are going to sell or promote. This way the product that you are selling knows it was you that sold it.

The standard format for an affiliate URL address complete with tracking code is this:
Clickbank’s hop link: .(Replace the XXXXX’s with your Affiliate username)

1. So your first step is to Sign up with Clickbank, Fill out the form and make sure you put the address you want your check sent to. If you live in Seoul, Korea choose Korea then write your address there. You will receive your commission directly to your Usa account card or you can ask for an check to be delivered. Do not worry if you do not have an american account you can sign up to and ask for a american debit card. In 8-10 days you will receive your international Mastercard and the american account numbers to set up in Clickbank.

2. Secondly, after getting your affiliate link from Clickbank you will need to know how many people will click on it and visit your affiliate link. So you need a free service like . You need to Sign Up an account with them so you’ll be able to see your history overtime. So you just need to enter an email and password and your account will be created. The idea is to put your Clickbank affiliate link in to get a shorter link that will track your visitors. In your account where it says: Enter your long link you put your Clickbank affiliate link and shorten it. This will give you a little ( link like this: . This short link will redirect to your main Clickbank affiliate link so you’ll be able to get your commission.

3. Now that you have this little link you need to put it everywhere you can on Internet and Facebook so you’ll get tons and tons of visitors and sales. So the next step will be marketing your link on Internet. And every time someone buy from your link you will get up to 50% or even 75% commission per each sale from Clickbank! There’s images, banners, text links, articles, emails, signatures, classified ads, pay-per-click ads, etc. So the only thing you need to do is use our affiliate tools with your link and advertise it on Internet so you’ll earn lots of money every month.

This is a really important information, read carefully. If you complete the following tasks and carry them out well you are guaranteed to get some good end results.

Your first goal after signing up for a Facebook account will be to go and make friends. Go out and make as many as possible. I know that this idea of getting tons of friends is quite unrealistic as they’re not really our close friends, but they will be your future customers.

If you want to be successful networking on Facebook, I suggest you sign-up with several different accounts. Then you can get specific targeted friends on each accounts and experiment with a specific niche with all of them. There’s also the fact that Facebook is limiting the number of friends to 5000. By having several accounts will give you a much bigger coverage and popularity over Facebook. If you have a personal Facebook account, please use it for leisure use only. Don’t use it as your own business account. If your lonely personal account get deleted, you’ll be sad. So I suggest you start with your own Facebook account and then move on with a brand new one after several days.

Create a New Facebook Account

First you only need another email address to create a facebook account. So go at or and sign-up a new one. Then I suggest you to create nice looking (sexy) girls or boys accounts since people prefer adding them. In the about me section you can add something about how FaceProfit helps you make money from home and send people to your website link (the little one). In contact information there’s also a place where you can add your websites.

On your Facebook profile, you can also upload an unlimited number of photo albums, as well as notes, commentary, or even full length stories for each photo. We suggest you to add several pictures so it will looks like a real facebook profile. Again, if you had sexy pictures more people will go and check it out.

When adding pictures you can add a description so say something like: I get paid with my facebook profile every month here: (your link). This way, anyone that comes across your facebook profile will have easy exposure to your website. This inter-linking is a great way to generate lots of traffic and this will convert into lots of sales.

Reminder: Never forget to add (http://) before your link so that it will be clickable and easier to access.

Advertise On Your Own Profile:

You can advertise your website on your own profile page so that when people visit your profile to see for more updates or just to check it out for the first time they will see ads of your website. this way you’ll get more traffic to your website, that means more sales and more customers.

Here’s several really good ways to advertise your website on Facebook:

Update your status: Just say what’s on your mind and post something about your website. These news feed will go and appear to all your friends in seconds.

Share links: On your own profile, just under the what’s on your mind box, you can attach a link.

Share Photos and Videos: Like the one before, share photos or videos and add a text with your website link in the what’s on your mind field and click Share.

Write Notes: You will find the notes tab on the left panel if you click more or by clicking on the applications button at the bottom left of the page. Then you just need to click on write a new note. With notes you’ll be able to add a title, a body text and upload a photo.

You can also take one of the pictures we give you or add anything else you want that you think will be of interest to the friends. Then click Publish and your friends will receive the notes in their News Feed immediately.

Send Messages: You can send direct messages to anyone you want to tell them about a product you desire and add your personal affiliate link in the message.

Another really powerful method is to use signature files to advertise. You only need to add a little signature at the end of each and every message you send every day. This will look something like this:

*Write your Subject*
*Write your message*

Start Making Money On Facebook Today.
Join This System Before it’s Too Late.

Add friends and recruit new members

If you have a friend who is not yet a Facebook member, you can easily invite them by going to the invite screen and entering their email address. They will then receive an automated email encouraging them to register and telling them that the invite came from you. You can even import a list of your contacts and invite everyone in one bulk email. This way, you can quickly notify your friends that you are a Facebook user and you want them to join you!

So how do we go about networking and building a list?. If you don’t know how to add friends to your profile, the traditional method is the easiest, but not that effective. Go and search through the database in profiles. If you see any person or personality that interests you, click on their profile then click ‘add to friends’ link under the individuals picture. Once you do this, a message with be presented to that person with your actions asking them if they approve. If they do, they will be added to your list. If they don’t approve then don’t take offense, go and have a look at some more profiles.

This takes a heck of a lot of time. And if you’re trying to build your friends list in the quickest time possible I recommend against it. Use it as a last resort. To build up a really good quality list in a short time here are some tips :-

– Create two, three even four accounts and customize them. You will get some good quick results and build some good, fast lists with this.

– Add a picture of an attractive woman on your profile. Yes ok! It’s a bit naughty but in today’s society geeky looking dudes are not in (no offense to you if this is you, lol) this is appealing to the general population and will help you to get friends. A little bit deceitful we know, but it is really effective trust us. If in any way you feel against this morally or personally we understand…so don’t do it. Remember we’re giving you options here.

Mass Friends Adding Secret

First in the Invite Friend section of the Friends tab at the top of the page you will find that you are able to invite friends by entering their email addresses. So you just need to find a really big email list of Facebook users and your done! You will do this by searching in Facebook at the top right for (Mass add or mass add list). You will find several pages and groups on this topics.

Then find the discussion boards and click one that says add me list or email list, etc. We suggest you to go right at the last page and get the list from there. Take the last post to make sure it is the most up to date one.

Then open a new tab or windows in your internet explorer and in the new tab open the Invite Friends tab. Then copy and paste around 150-250 email address at a time and send them invitation to join you on Facebook. These are already Facebook users and want to join your friend’s list. You’ll be able to send unlimited invitation this way. So you can go on and try to find every groups, pages and discussion boards and invites every lists you find on facebook. This method could give you between 200 to 1,000 more friends everyday if well done.

Auto Confirm friends Request Strategy #1

When adding tons of friends every day, you will also get at the same time tons of friend requests to confirm. Facebook do not offer an easy way to accept them all, so this task is really boring and long to do one by one. But we found a special tool for you so you can use to do this automatically whit the push a button. This will do the work in around 5 seconds instead of 1 hour or more.

 First you need a new browser if you don’t have it already. It is called Mozilla Firefox and you can download it free here: .

 Then you’ll need to install a little add-on called GreaseMonkey. Open this link with Firefox: .

 Now add a script the GreaseMonkey add-on to work with Facebook click install on this page:

 If the last one doesn’t work try those ones:

Now the auto friend confirm is enabled. To see that its enable, in Firefox again you can click on tools and scroll until GreaseMonkey. You’ll see a check before enabled.

But before going on Facebook and trying this script, we suggest you go on internet explorer on your Facebook account you want to confirm request and ignore the others requests (group pages, event, etc..) so that the script will not confirm every request he see. You don’t want to join every groups and pages people invites you. Be careful to Not ignore all your friend request.

To ignore other requests you go on Facebook, click on home, then where you see the request at the top left click on See All. Then click on Ignore All, this will pop-up a little window where you’ll be able to check what you want to ignore. So don’t check friend requests and check all others.

Now that this is done, you can login to this account in Firefox and go click on your friend requests. And Boom!! Automatically they will all be confirmed.

Don’t forget that Facebook allows only 5000 friends per account so don’t try to get more, it is impossible.

Auto Confirm friends Request Strategy #2

This techniques could be a little bit easier for some. First go on this link in Mozilla Firefox: . Scroll down on the page until you see a ConfirmAll yellow button. What you need to do is click this button and drag it to your bookmarks tab, drag it just under the address bar.

This will create a little clickable icon there. Now login to your facebook account, click on your friend request to see them all, and click on your ConfirmAll bookmarked button. You will see at the top right a little fields appearing where you can write the max confirms to do and the seconds between each ones. So depending on how many friend requests you have to confirm write a number in the max confirms field, and we added 0 seconds between so it is faster.

Then Click Start and the script will go and confirm your friend requests.

You will see your friend requests number going down. When you see it stopped this means that the script finish to accept friends on the current page, so just it refresh and click start again.

Posting On Other Popular Groups, Pages, Events Or Walls:

Posting comments on other people’s wall, groups, pages or event’s wall is really effective to get friends and get more visitors. Find the biggest and most popular places that gets the most visitors and post something like: Hi, my name is …, I want to meet new people and get more friends on facebook so add me if you’re interested!

By the way I just found today a brand new website that will show you how to earn money using facebook. Here’s the link: .

Don’t post the same text everywhere, don’t copy/paste because facebook don’t like this. It is recommended to change your text every time. And don’t post too often every day, a good number of post would be around 10 to 30 per day, per account. If you want to post more, just register more accounts.

Create Facebook Groups

Creating groups is really easy and effective. You click again on the applications box at the bottom left and then click Groups. At the top right click Create a New Group. You will then have to fill out some information about the group. The idea is to create a common interest groups that gets popular so lots of members will join.

In the description and news add something about FaceProfit and add your link in it again with the http:// so the link will be clickable. A group is a little bit like your personal profile. You can add links, photos, videos and add your link in the description, you have a wall on which you can post. In the description or the news we suggest to always add a little phrase like this one:


This will ensure people know and think about inviting and sharing your group with your friends.

One of the best way to advertise on groups is by messaging all members. But now Facebook allow sending messages to groups that have less than 5000 people. But this can give you lots of traffic and sales.

After creating a group you need to invite people to join so that you’ll have lots of members to advertise to. So when you click Invite people to join on the left you’ll be able to add your friends one at the time or invite people via email.

Inviting people one at a time is long but can be really profitable at the end. Every member is able to invite people to the group you just create so if you have several accounts with different friends, use them. Go on all of your accounts and join the group and invite all your friends to it. This will help a lot starting the group.

You are also able to invite people via email so use the mass friends adding secret and do the same for inviting people to your groups.

Create Facebook Events

This is similar to groups but you need to add an event date. So click again on the bottom left Applications tab and go click on Events. Then go and click Create an Event. Like groups you’ll be able to add a description in it, you’ll be able to Invite People to Come so add the same kind of phrase like the one for groups. One of the difference is the little Share+ button on the right. This allow people to post the event on their personal profile wall. So you can also ask them to click and share this event with their friends.

Create Facebook Pages

Pages are really the best way ever to advertise and get visitors to your website link. They have No maximum people you can contact at the time. To create pages you need to follow this link: and add the application to your profile. You can also go at the bottom of your facebook and go click on advertising and then find pages at the top. Then click Create a Page and you’ll get started.

Pages are like you main profile and similar to groups but they will get lots and lots more traffic since they are more popular. So you can build pages on any idea or any topic you want. Think about what people do or like in general. Some example you can find here:

Pizza: 4,610,360 fans
I Love Sleep: 4,587,226 fans
I need vacation: 4,365,669 fans
I hate stupid people: 2,645,664 fans
etc, etc…

This is Millions People you can reach at the tip of your finger. It is like if you could send them all a personal email about your website. The potential of making money with pages are unlimited.

When creating your pages you can add your website links, add a description, write and send notes, etc. There is also a little box on the left where you can say something like:

Click Become A Fan At the Top Of This Page And Suggest this Page To Your Friends on Your Left!

You can also write a little text ad about a product and add your link here. For example:

Make Over $5,000 Every Month Using Facebook! Click Here:

But what is really powerful in pages is the Send An Update to Fans option. With this features, you’ll be able to send every member a personal message telling them about your page or your website.

At the beginning we suggest to grow the pages before sending them advertisement about a product or services. So start by inviting as much people as you can, give it several days or weeks and then post a notes, a feed, or updates about your website.

To invite friends to pages it is nearly the same. You need to click on Suggest to Friends and add your friends from each of your account one at a time. or click on the Share+ button situated down on the left and share on your profile wall or click Send as a Message instead and add some emails there using the mass add secret.

Buy Already Popular Pages:

This technique can be really powerful if you want to advertise your product affiliate link. This could be really cheap sometimes since some pages admin do not know at all they could make money with their fans. They don’t know anything about making money online and how much their page could be worth. First of all you have to find pages that are already popular on facebook. To do this you need to write in your address bar this link: Then you click on Browse All Pages and you’ll see the most popular facebook pages right in front of you.

We suggest you to focus on pages around 100,000 to around 750,000 because pages that have more than 1 million people get their publishing rights blocked. That means that the admin of the page can’t write anything on the page wall so nothing is publish in the news feed and nobody can be reach. Facebook also blocked the Send An Update to Fans feature, so you won’t be able to send any message to any fans.

It is important check if the rights are blocked or ask the admin when contacting him. Nobody know exactly why Facebook is blocking the rights but we think that one of the reason is because when a big page is sending news feeds and updates to millions and millions of people this surely takes lots of bandwidth on their servers.

To verify if the publishing rights are blocked or not you go on the page wall. At the top right click on filters, then click on the title of the page only, not with the +fans. This will show you the last news that the admin posted on the wall of this page. Now check out the last post date and if the last one is several weeks or months ago you’ll know that the publishing rights have probably been blocked by Facebook. If a page sent news and updates within the last days, this means that the rights are not blocked and you should try to contact the admin and deal with him to buy it.

Now how do you contact an admin? The name or Facebook profile of the admin is not showing anywhere on the page. But in groups on the right they are. So you need to get notice by the admin so he can contact you about selling is page. Here’s the techniques to get notice faster by the admin.

First we suggest not using your personal profile, so make a new one that looks real. Then do the next steps on the most pages you can to get notice by some admin. You need to post new topics in the discussion board since admin tend to follow the topics that their fans are talking about. So create a topics name something like: Need To Contact The Admin Of This Page Asap! or *Admin* Of This Page Please Message Me ASAP! or Admin Of This Page Contact Me! This Could Really Interest You. etc.

Then write down a little description with the same kind of information or write down an email address where they can contact you (not your personal). Post this kind of topics on the most pages you would be interested to buy.

You can also post this on the wall of the page but sometimes too much people are posting news so your comments will never get notice by the admin.

After couple days or so you’ll see some answers by administrators of pages. Ask them to send you a link of their page so you make sure you know about which page your talking. Then tell them you’re interested to buy their page and want to know how much they want for it. If they say make me an offer, go ahead and tell them a reasonable low price for it. Then deal with him. We suggest using Paypal for payment.

Here’s how we proceed: First get a account if you don’t have one yet. You need to make sure that you’re talking to the real admin. So if he is willing to sell is page and you conclude on a price, ask them to change the page main picture. This will prove you that the guy have admin rights to do this.

Then for the payment you can ask him to make you admin first and then you give him the money by paypal. Or give him the half of the money, then he makes you admin, then you transfer the other half. Or if you trust him, give him the money and tell him that if he don’t make you admin you will charge back the money so paypal will give you back your money, this is a paypal features for security.

Here’s the kind of message we sent at the beginning of the transaction:
Here is how we usually proceed for the transaction so it is secure on both side. First we ask you to change the main picture of the page so we make sure you’re the real admin of this page. Then you will make me admin as well, so we’ll be two admin on the page. The creator of the page cannot be removed so I won’t be able to stole you or remove you from the page.

As soon as I’ll be admin I’ll transfer the money in your paypal account. And then the only way for the page creator to be removed from admin is by cancelling is facebook account and reactivate it after. You can reactivate at anytime you want.

This will ensure the transaction will be honest on both sides. I used this methods several times and didn’t encounter any problem at all.

Is this all good with you?
Have a good day
(Your name)

If the admin have other facebook pages and really don’t want to cancel his account then just tell them he will have to remain admin on the page and never ever touch the page again in any way. He will be glad to make the deal so he will accept and will not bother you with anything again.

Don’t forget to ask the admin at the same time if he’s willing to sell some more of his pages.When everything is done wait for a day or two and start your promotion.

Facebook Social Ads:

Social ads are advertisement you can see on the right side of nearly every page on Facebook. You can add a title, a little image and a short text. To start a social ads you need to click on advertising at the bottom of the facebook page, then click create an ad.

Facebook offers different advertising solutions to meet your business needs. You can run a CPC (cost per click) or a CPM (cost per impression) ad campaign. You can also run a regular ad or a Sponsored Social Story Ad. You can choose where you want your ad to be displayed. On the left hand side of the page or in the news feed and select which demographic you want to view your ad.

With a CPC campaign, you only pay when a user clicks on your ad. This is good for advertisers who only want to pay when someone clicks their ad, not every time their ad is displayed. This is a very economical way to advertise and you set your own daily budget and the price you are willing to pay per click.

With a CPM campaign, advertisers pay for every 1000 impressions of their ad (every 1000 times their ad is displayed on a page). This method is good for advertisers who are more interested in having users see their ad and remember their information, or to build brand awareness. You can also set your daily budget with a CPM campaign and decide how much you want to pay per 1000 views.

A regular ad includes your branded image and copy without and social interaction. This type of ad can still be a good way to let users know about your business. You can link your ad to your website, blog, Facebook page, or affiliate website.

One of the best things about Facebook ads is that you set your budget so you always know the maximum you will spend every day. Facebook selects the ads they run from their ad inventory based on the cost per impression or cost per click and the ad performance.

If your ad format is cost per clicks, (CPC) you select the maximum you are willing to pay per click and the maximum you are willing to pay per day. Facebook will then display your ad either in the left hand ad space or in the news feed until your daily budget has been reached. It is possible that your daily budget may not be reached everyday if your target audience is small, but your daily budget will never be exceeded.

If your ad is in the cost per impression format, (CPM) you will select how much you are willing to pay for 1000 impressions. You will also have to select where you want your ad to appear, in the left hand ad space or in the news feed. As with the cost per click model, your cost per impressions campaign will never exceed your daily budget, and depending on how big your target audience is, it may not even cost as much as your daily budget allows.

If you want to use social ads for advertising a affiliate product you will need to create your own blog and review it on your blog and then advertise your own blog.

To start advertising using social ads you need to click on the advertising link at the bottom of the Facebook page. Then click on create an ad and start from there. You will see that it’s really easy steps to follow.

Facebook Applications:

With the release of its new platform, Facebook’s recent endeavour in social media presents a unique opportunity for marketers, developers and businesses to tap into the social network’s young, active, and viral crowd.

However, over the past few weeks there has been a rising concern among developers to uncover ways to monetize their Facebook applications. What’s incredible with Facebook is that you can no longer sustain expensive servers to support hundreds and thousands (or even millions) of Facebook users. But how can the developers of Facebook applications actually make money? Here’s several ways to get paid with your own apps.

The First one is to develop applications solely for the purpose of selling them to interested parties. Several applications have already been acquired in this fashion; the most recent example we found is that of Mozes’ purchase of TextMe.

An indirect source of funds would be to develop applications under contract for third parties. A number of companies have been posting contract jobs over at the Facebook’s developer forums. There exists a large gap in the supply and demand of available Facebook application developers. As a result, finding potential clients to charge reasonable rates should not be a problem.

One of the best is to use advertisements, cross-promotion schemes and affiliate marketing. It is not feasible to use Google Adsense for this since Facebook does not allow JavaScript embedding. Adsense codes may be embedded through iFrames, which despite being popular among Facebook developers, is against Google’s TOS. So never add your adsense codes on facebook, your Facebook and Google adsense account could get banned. Affiliate marketing is a great alternative to advertisements. This is one of the best sources of income on Facebook for most online marketers and advertisers.

Another way would be to sell services within Facebook through micro-payment transactions. PayPal payments made for accessing premium services could potentially yield reasonable income depending on the application’s purpose and size.

If you think you have something big on your hands and lack the funds to scale it, you could apply for investment through Bay Partners and others who have expressed interest in funding Facebook apps. This would be the likely course of action to start your own business with plans to expand globally within and beyond Facebook.

One Last Tip

A very useful product that I can’t live without anymore. I know that you have lots of passwords to remember now, so that’s why I’m sharing with you this program. I use it every day while working online. This program is name RoboForm. It is the top-rated Password Manager and Web Form Filler that completely automates password entering and form filling. RoboForm was named PC Magazine Editor’s Choice, and CNET’s Software of the Year. It’s free and that will help you a lot for your internet business!

I hope my Facebook tutorial will bring you succes in promoting your affiliate marketing links and bring you joy and money. Stay tuned on this blog for every day different tutorial. I will post a new internet marketing free tutorial every single day !!

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