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drive traffic to your videos

Now if you are a knowledgeable online marketer already, we don’t doubt that you will see the benefits that this system can have to your business. We are talking about driving traffic to your already built websites or products. To understand completely this tutorial you have to check my last 4 articles to get the whole point. You will find them listed on the bottom of this page .

You don’t even need niche relevant videos… If you get a link visible to 10,000 people a day you are going to get visitors to your site. And a lot you will get. Just imagine if you had another video of the same  quality, that’s 20,000 a day.

Can you see the possibilities… Now obviously you have seen that this is a very EASY and very SIMPLE system, but it works, and it works great! But remember, even if your just trying to acquire a video that just has high views, so you can throw traffic at your links, these people that own the videos are most probably not that internet savvy, so follow our advice when emailing them! It’s one of the most important stages, you need to build a relationship with them.

So why will I get clicks from unrelated videos?

This is pretty simple. If you have a video that is getting say 12,000 views a day but is unrelated to your niche (it could be a music video or maybe just a compilation of accidents etc.), and you have an annotation on this video that says: “Want to make $250 a day online? Click the link below”

This will sub-consciously force anyone who is interested in making money online to click your link, if they click through, they wi l l be interested. It’s not just random un-related traffic. This method is extremely powerful, and can drive you thousands and thousands of visitors a month. Remember that if you are in the big hurry you can always get Youtube views at best rates and humans only at Youtube best service.

Do your research…

One thing we will say, is make sure you research your videos thoroughly, last thing you want to happen, is pay an author for their video, or spend all that time acquiring a video, to find out it’s not making you any money, for instance the viewing audience is under 18 etc. Things like that.

We want to give you an example here, literally one day I  was browsing for a video and I came across a music video, which had 5MILLION views in 2 weeks!! I couldn’t believe it, so I quickly checked it and emailed the user… But all wasn’t to plan…

The next day I looked over it again, to realize that 70% of the visitors were under 18! Less likely to purchase anything on the internet and less likely to have a credit card etc.. I was very disappointed! (I also realize how annoying Justin Bieber is!).

To conclude…

So… In conclusion, hopefully you realize the potential for driving traffic to your up and running websites, blogs or products etc. This is a very effective and new technique. Start utilizing all that cheap traffic!

In the next article i will make a full understandable scheme with all stages in this  free tutorial i have made for you. So stay focused.


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