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Looking for a profitable nicheWelcome to this article , which will teach you finding your niche! Now, our entire system is based around sniping out the most relevant and highly viewed videos on Youtube for a specific niche…

So first things first… we are going to need a profitable niche before we go any further, your niche is the basis for everything you will do after this article. Get this first stage wrong, and you won’t make a dime!

There is no worse feeling than spending any amount of time on something that you think is going to be a success, to then wake up every morning wondering why you are not making any money, we have been there before! So let’s get this bit right!

What is a profitable niche?

A profitable niche is a niche you can monetize (turn into money). There are many niches to choose from. Now starting out it’s always easy to pick a niche that you are familiar with, if you are interested in snowboarding, then you can target the snowboarding and skiing niche, it’s that simple.

If you want to have more detailed these all niche finding strategies i have to point at  Niche Profit Course v 2 which make all the money you pay. I guarantee you that taking this course you will become a  very good niches researcher.

But you must remember this has to be a niche that is going to make you money, after all… that’s what we are here for no? Take the example we just gave you, snowboarding, things that we would target in that niche would be “how to snowboard” or “Snowboarding tips” etc. and then promote a link pointing  to a snowboard training eBook…

Now we are not saying snowboarding or skiing is an insanely profitable niche, in fact it probably isn’t, but that was just an example. But why not do it, if it makes you $200 – $300 a month why not?

The niches that we think are the most profitable are things like, weight loss, skin products (acne, anti aging etc.), muscle building and self help. And it’s easy to see why… selling stuff is very easy, but it becomes even easier when you are trying to sell to someone who is desperate… they are not going to take as much convincing as someone who isn’t that worried.

If you promote a weight loss product, such as an appetite suppressant or an eBook about exercise, then we guarantee 100% that anyone who clicks on your link is going to have a weight loss problem, and the reason they were watching that video is because they are in a state of mind about the problem that they have, they are in the perfect mindset to visit your sales page or review site. It’s all just common sense really… So remember, try to target those desperate buyers!

Breaking down your niche

It can be as simple as just being very general and not so specific, you can just target weight loss and find a weight loss eBook or product, but what we like to do sometimes is delve a bit deeper…

What is related to weight loss?

1. Appetite suppressors
2. Fitness guides
3. Dieting
4. Even self help, self esteem eBooks

The list goes on.

You will generally find that there is a video related to everything on Youtube, it’s a massive place! And the deeper you research, the wider your list for videos goes…

Our most profitable niches

Now we are going to let you in on our most profitable niches, these niches are the niches which have had the best response to our system.

• Weight loss
• Skin disorders
• Muscle building
• Self help
• Making money online
• And even the Adult industry

Use these wisely, they are very profitable!

A bit about niche competition

Some niches are more competitive than others, as we said in the intro though, this is very new technique, not many people know of it. But sometimes people who upload videos, are uploading them to promote their business, and they do become popular, sometimes you will come across videos with links in them already, and we will say it’s a waste of time trying to get these people to swap their link for yours, so just steer clear of these, it’s not worth the time.

This is more the case for body building, but it’s not common so don’t worry! Nine times out of ten, a video you see, will not have a promotional link in it.

Private Label Rights

I know my niche, what now?

When you are happy with a direction you want to take, you MUST  have a product to promote, this is not going to work unless you have a relevant product that has an affiliate program, or is registered on Clickbank etc.

For instance, say your niche was insomnia and sleep problems, a good product to promote would be OxySleep from www.markethealth.com

Words of advice

When choosing your product and affiliate program shop around! There are so many products available on the internet, some will be better converting (selling) than others! And many affiliate programs will offer you higher commission and many other benefits, such as landing pages and resources to help you make more sales.

So remember, spend time on research, it will help you in the long run! A quick search on Google will give you some good results.

How can I determine a good product to promote?

There are a few things you can do to decide on a good product and affiliate program… Go for the product that pays you more commission… you will get more money per sale.

Go for the one that is more popular, perform searches for the products on Google, the number of page results that are displayed is a good indication of popularity!

But what we really like to do, is use our common sense, would you buy this product? Does it look scammy? Does it look trustworthy.

Marketing is about using your common sense and using your brain, as well as looking at figures and stats. If YOU think this product will sell, go for it! If it doesn’t pan out, switch products.

Making sure your niche is adequate for Youtube sniping

Now, If you think you have found a niche and a product with a great affiliate program, you need to make sure that you are going to be able to find videos on Youtube related to this niche, now, chances are 99% of the time you will, but remember, we are looking for high traffic videos here (at least in hundreds of thousands in under a year.)

So just have a quick browse over Youtube to determine this. More on this will be explained in a future article, so stay focused on this site.

So what should we have achieved so far?

In these first vital stages, you should have:
Selected a pro f i t ab l e niche.
• With a relevant product
• Which is high converting.
• Has a good and reliable affiliate program.
• And which is feasible for the Youtube sniper system.

Extra Info…

We don’t want you to get too “hung up” on making sure your videos are extremely targeted to your niche, this is a very powerful method we are teaching, It does dramatically increase conversions when
videos are very targeted, for obvious reasons, but if you are a seasoned marketer reading this, you will know that if you throw high volumes of traffic at something, you WILL get sales. But more on this later.


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      i chose the drainage industry – simply – easy to recruit, low expertise required, easy 30% commission payment to staff and recession proof industry!

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