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Making your own videosThis article is about uploading your own videos, relevant to your niche.

Ok… So this article is about how to upload and create your own videos from scratch, that are relevant to your niche. Now after about 2 months of searching for suitable videos that meet the criteria, we came up with an idea, instead of searching for a video, why not make your own video with your own affiliate  link and not have to pay any one any commission? happy days!

So we decided to put it into action and actually try to make our own videos and try and achieve high daily views a day.

So how and where would you start? 

Now there are two options you can go for…

The 1st is to create your own video material with you talking about a product, example, we created a video on Youtube of me giving a review about a sleeping product,  it’s so simple, literally you can make a short video, 2-3 minutes long of yourself talking about the product.

The 2nd option is just to copy other video material that is related to your chosen niche, this again is simple, a good example of this, we found a muscle building product to promote on we then found a video with this exact product being advertised on the video, this was perfect because it saved me the time of creating my own review video on the product, but always remember creating a personal review on a product is very effective, because people  always want to hear how good the product is and then obviously it will make the customer want to buy the product after hearing such good reviews, remember it all boils down to common sense, once you understand, your chances of making money rise, it will take a bit of practice.

If you decide to take the second option you will definetely need a very good tool for downloading and convert Youtube videos. Take it from here Youtube downloader.


Ok anyway back to it…

So by now you should have decided whether you want to create your own review video on the product, or finding a video on the internet that is exactly related to the niche your promoting. Once this is decided, all you need to do is upload the video on to your account. So create an account if needed. It’s now time to upload your created video. Here are some in instructions to follow:

  1. Login to your Youtube account
  2. Click your account and go to “My videos, Then click “Upload video”
  3. Wait for the video to upload
  4. You will then be asked to enter in video information (Video title, Video description, Video Tags and finally the Video thumbnail.)

Helpful tip

Video thumbnail is quite important, its important because it is the videos image that you will see when searching for a video on Youtube. So basically when searching for a video on the Youtube search engine, every video has an image, if the image of the video appears to be what you were looking for, then  obviously the viewers will click it straight away.

An example of a bad thumbnail could be a video on building muscle, if you saw a video with a bad thumbnail that was completely unrelated to a building muscle video… for instance a thumbnail of someone’s face, when it should be a bulging bicep, then obviously viewers will be less likely to click and will move onto the next video that is more related to what they are looking for.

A bit about video titles and tags…

It’s very important to add a related video title and tags as well… Because this is what will link your videos to the certain keywords that people will be typing into the search engine.

Ok… let’s start with the video title, The video title is the title of the video that appears in the Youtube search engine, it’s the 1st thing that people will see along with the thumbnail. Ok let me explain why it is important and how it will affect the traffic of your videos, get this part wrong, and it will have big affects to weather you get traffic to that video.

The video title has to be exactly related to your video, So an example:

A weight loss video on how to lose weight fast, Say you put this into the video title “Lose weight fast with *product name*” now if people see that with a good thumbnail, then obviously the viewer is very
likely to click onto that video.

Helpful Tip

You should include capital letters as well to make the title more noticeable and visually appealing (don’t write the whole thing in caps though!) this can get you those extra views.

Your title should reflect what keywords you want to target that people may type in as well, use your common sense to gauge this (you can use the Google keyword tool if you like, as Youtube and Google are the same company, and you can bet that if something is searched highly on Google, then it will be the same for Youtube). So just make sure it is visually appealing and relevant.

Now a bit about tags…

This is not a hard stage, this is fairly simple and just requires common sense. So what are tags?

The tags are simply keywords that people would most likely type into the Youtube search engine to find their desired search. Basically the tags are the most relevant keywords that are closest to your niche, so when a person is searching for something, they will type in relevant words until they find what they are looking for. Simply think of all the keywords that people would type into Youtube to find that certain product or desired search…

So if your niche was an acne treatment product, then you would open your mind and think to yourself what are the most likely keywords that people would type into Youtube to find that particular product, so if we was deciding on which tags to adopt for an Acne treatment product, we would use tags like this:

• how to get rid of acne products clear cure spot treatment spots

These are jumbled keywords that people would most likely type into Youtube if they suffered from acne and was looking for a cure.

When coming to adding your tags, it doesn’t matter what order they are in, you don’t need to use the same tag again, and the tags can be jumbled, if you’re not clear here is an example:

• How to get rid of acne How to cure acne

now as you can see the same tags were used twice, this doesn’t  need to happen, it can look like this:

• How to get rid of acne cure

basically you do not need to type in the same tags twice. Note when applying tags, when placing your tags, you don’t need to add comers, just add in all your tags without any full stops, comers etc.

Important tips

It is not a good idea spamming LOADS of different keywords… The reason for is because you don’t want Youtube removing your video because of spam, which Youtube hat e by the way, so don’t abuse this too much.

Youtube are aware of this, they are not stupid, remember Youtube hate this purely because of the fact you are exploiting Youtube to get loads of views, they prefer video content to be relevant and educational or entertaining.

So never spam and make it obvious. Last thing to say on this subject is to do not add in random keywords that are not related to your video, if this is the case then remember this is not targeted traffic and will probably cause the viewer to leave and report the video as spam! So be careful and it’s not a good idea, we know it may get you more traffic, but it won’t be targeted and then you carry the risk of
Youtube removing your video for spam.

Youtube give you 2 warnings before the account is closed down. That’s enough on tags and titles, now finally for a video description.

When coming to your video description, this is where you are going to place your affiliate link!  we want some money. Maybe a small eye catching message like “Click here for a free weight loss trial” like we explained in previous articles.

And finally again you add all your tags at the bottom of the video description so that the Youtube viewers will not see these random keywords.

There is one important thing that you must know, when uploading a new video, Youtube will automatically check your video for breach of rules etc. So you should never add the affiliate link into the video description until 1-3 days after the video has been uploaded…

Reason for this is again the same reason as we explained earlier on, Youtube COULD dislike that you are “just another crappy affiliate” (although this has never happened to us, but we just like to keep them happy ) so make sure you remember this important point.

So once you have your video uploaded, added the correct keywords and tags etc. You should be getting views the minute the video has been uploaded, due to the fact that your video is placed in the new videos section. You can use this to gauge if your video optimizing has worked (providing your thumbnail is good, you picked relevant related keywords and tags, and finally the video title is eye catchy and will
make you click the video).

We will share a very good tip on how to increase the views on your uploaded video or on any video. There is something on Youtube called a video response, this is an option the owner of the video can turn on and off. A video response is Simply… find a video that is very active and receiving high views daily that is exactly related to your video.

Take a look below:

Youtube video response


Click respond with video, and select your video! Simple. (this can only be done with one video).
So what about adding my video annotation and affiliate link? Ok…

So after the initial 3 day “probabtion period” (so youtube likes us ) we need to add our affiliate link and annotation. This is a very simple step, all you need to do is select your video and click “edit”. Add your affiliate link in the description box with your little pre-sell text, example below:

“Fall asleep naturaly”

Click “add annotation” (remember what we told you in previous articles about effective pre-sell annotations!) You will need to “add note” on top of your video.

Example of a pre-sell annotation: “Trouble sleeping? Click the link below”. Simple isnt it, but remember, this must be done after 2-3 days!

Our last tip!

Add as many friends and as many subscribers as you can, they will all see your new videos as soon as you upload them. You can even add a second annotation “please subscribe for more videos!” etc. This can help you tremendously with extra views! If you need to outsource this jobs and get plenty of views, subscribers , etc .. i advice you to choose the best service online Utubeplays Real Human.

That about wraps up this chapter, good luck with your own videos, these tips should help you out. In the next article we shall talk about, how you can use this system to drive hoards of targetted traffic in your direction, useful for newbies and experienced marketers.


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