Increasing conversion rates

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Increasing conversion rates

This article, is really for the people that want to go that extra mile to make a few more sales, it will require you to pay for web hosting and domains though . To keep you informed well please read first these articles : Looking for a profitable niche and Sourcing your YouTube videos.

It’s all very well, letting the affiliate product page do all the converting for you, chances are, if you have selected a decent product, which is popular and trustworthy, that you will get a decent amount of sales anyway. But if you are prepared for the bit of extra work, then all you are going to need to do, is make a quick and easy, straight to the point, landing page or blog site.

It will be the first page that your customers come to, and can act very well to pre-sell your product. But it doesn’t need to be “in their face” so to speak, just a nice and simple review of the product, or a story. It will usually help to add a picture of yourself as well (it doesn’t have to be you!). This puts a face to the text and will benefit you greatly.

But what we really want to let you in on, is one of our little secrets! We have personally found, that if you make a landing page with a flash video player, with a *Video Review* this can be very, very effective! Youtube visitors love to watch videos!

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These landing page videos can be very effective for the Pay Per Lead affiliate programs! If you want someone to do something (enter their credit card details for a free trial etc.) what better way to do it than *SHOW THEM HOW ITS DONE* give them a preview of what is going to happen, what they will get for their time and possibly money, show them it is genuine, there is no scam involved.Helpful tip!

What we like to do is video ourselves entering our own credit card details! (we blur the numbers obviously!  ). This has worked wonders for us, and it’s so easy to do and very effective. So use it wisely!

What we want to talk about now, is the different things that potential customers in these popular  niches react to well.

• Emotional triggers… people respond very well to emotional triggers, especially in the weight loss niche, for instance: “My size began to affect my relationship, he was becoming increasingly distant”

• Recommendations, if people see that someone else is recommending *product name* they are obviously more likely to buy it.

If you do write a short blog about your product be sure to include these things, and you will have good success, just remember… You are supposed to be an average Joe, who has written an honest review about the product, so don’t try and oversell it too much!

Just write about what people want to hear, if they get a sniff that your trying to sell them something,  they will shoot back to Youtube before you have even begun. Just explain your situation and how *product name* helped you. And remember to use video when you can, it is a very effective tool to pre-sell.

Helpful tip

A good flash player for your website is

I want to make a review site… This is for the benefit of any new comers to internet marketing. Now if you think your niche should require a blog, a great tool to use is WordPress…

Most website hosting companies provide this on their control panel. We like to use WordPress hosting. They are extremely cheap and reliable , they also have unlimited bandwidth, and domains are very cheap. The WordPress installation is very simple with a push of a button. Try them !

So once you have decided on your hosting company you will need to install WordPress onto your domain, this is a very easy process and can be done through simple scripts, its self explanatory really! Take a look at the screenshots, you will need to select simple scripts, and then WordPress. Select your domain and install!

WordPress is a very easy website creator to get to grips with, that’s why it’s so popular. You can find many tutorials on Google if you would like any more information on how to use WordPress or you can buy this totally professional WordPress tutorial that will teach you step by step how to deal with famous CMS. It is up to you!

But you will literally only be making 1-2 posts and including a picture of yourself. All simple stuff. And remember… don’t sell it to much, it is a review, put yourself in the shoes of someone who has bought the product, what would they want to write about? They are not selling the product, they are giving a helpful review, so just review it .

How can I make a simple landing page?

We have had good success with just making a basic .html landing page, and adding a few titles with a flash .flv video. Works great for PPL marketing!

If you want your traffic to perform a certain action, like filling out a survey, or signing up for email, entering credit card details etc. then a video is the best way to do it. I have seen sales increase by 100% when this technique is applied. People prefer to watch videos than read long text! end of story.

With video it is easier to keep people interested as well.

Now… If you want to make a landing page you will still need a web host, obviously, but you won’t need to install WordPress, all you will need to do is create the html page, and name it *index.html* this file will then be uploaded to your domains directory folder. More on this in a while.

I don’t know any html… Well it’s your lucky day  as we are now going to teach you some basics of html code. This is an area that you will be become more confident and experienced in the more you do it. The fastest and cheapest way to learn proffesional html is these astonishing HTML Video Tutorial.

Html code is the basic internet language, it determines how you view every website you come across. To make a landing page, you are not going to need to know the ins and outs of all the complicated stuff. As I said, we are lazy!

So…The basics of your landing page are going to include titles, sub titles, main body text and video. That’s about it!

Now I don’t want you to think we are cutting corners with you here, but the best way we learned html was just reading other websites! It really is as simple as that. So.. without further a due, here is a template for you! Just have a read and study it… then copy it into notepad, and save it as *index.html* remember to use the extension .html . Also, ALWAYS edit html code in notepad. Download the notepad file in here.

If you need some more tutorials on html code, there are plenty to be found on Google but i simply recommend HTML Video Tutorial, you will fall in love with those guys!

How do I link to my affiliate product from my landing/review page? This is simple, you must add a link (your affiliate link) either through WordPress, or add it via html… for instance in my example above:

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><b>CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE</b></a></font>

Notice the target link is our link.

Helpful Tip

Always make sure you add enough clearly **visible** links. We want people to see these links and click them or our review site is useless!

Something we might use is: “Click here. To the see the product that changed my life” Or.. “Click here to see *product name* if you lik e ” Remember, “if you like” gives your customer a choice, and makes them feel in control.

Add in a hyperlink to those sentence’s so that it is clearly clickable. You should have 3-4 of these in your blog. But make it appealing to people, don’t just add them in randomly. All easy stuff no?

Ok I have my landing page, how and where do I upload it?

You will need to upload your index.html to your domain ftp. Basically you will log into your web host account, and find the “Unlimited FTP” this is what you will use to upload your index file.

Once you are logged into your domains FTP, you will need to go to the directory: /public_html/your-domain-name . Then just upload the index.html straight into there, and your webpage should be up and active within 30 seconds.

It’s as easy as that. So if you want to increase your conversions. Follow these steps and this advice, but remember, you can still do your own testing, and I recommend you do. Every niche is different, experiment with your traffic until your happy that it is converting how you want.

In the next article we will be covering how you can begin to make your own videos and how you can optimize those videos for maximum related traffic and view count! So take a break and get ready for the next one.


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