What Are Wiki links?

What Are Wiki links?

Wiki links are links from Wikipedia type websites. Wiki is basically a kind of website used by a  community where all have the ability to add or edit content. These wiki sites are usually used by universities, why they are useful for us as:

  • Not just they are powerful backlinks, but also
  • .EDU Wiki links are very very important and powerful in terms of search engines eyes.

What I am surprised is that I rarely see someone mentioning this method on any forums even when almost all top SEO experts including me are using it for a long time. It’s still effective even after Panda and Penguin update. Why they don’t talk openly regarding to this method as they want it to remain as effective as possible. Therefore, please don’t abuse this method that you are just going to learn.

Wikipedia is most well known wiki out there, hence whenever there is a talk about getting wiki links, many people plans starts and stops on that site. I personally had lots of links with Wikipedia, but it has got NEAR IMPOSSIBLE to create and keep a link on Wikipedia for long, now I don’t even bother getting a link from there.

What you need to realize is that there are hundreds, if not thousands of high page rank, highly trusted Wikis (including EDU and GOV wikis) present there that are a lot easier to get links from and and more powerful than a single Wikipedia link.

Now you just need to copy and paste any of these footprints below to Google search. Make sure you copy and paste exactly the same footprints below:

  • allinurl:”.edu/mediawiki/index.php”
  •  allinurl:”.gov/mediawiki/index.php”
  • allinurl:”.com/mediawiki/index.php”
  • allinurl:”.net/mediawiki/index.php”
  • allinurl:”.org/mediawiki/index.php”
  • allinurl:”.info/mediawiki/index.php”
  • allinurl:”.com/wiki/index.php”
  • allinurl:”.net/wiki/index.php”
  • allinurl:”.org/wiki/index.php”
  • allinurl:”.info/wiki/index.php”
  • allinurl:”.edu/wiki/index.php”
  • allinurl:”.gov/wiki/index.php”
  • site:.edu inurl:wiki
  • site:.gov inurl:wiki
  • allinurl:”http://wiki.”
  • allinurl:”http://mediawiki.”
  • allinurl:”http://wikka.”

Some additional Wiki footprints:

  • Inurl:wiki
  • Keyword Inurl:wiki
  • Inurl:MediaWiki_talk
  • keyword “wiki” (site:.edu)
  • inurl:”/groups/*/wiki/” “keyword”
  • “The wiki, blog, calendar, and mailing list”
  • “Log in to my page” “wikis”
  • inurl:groups “log in to my page”
  • “updates” “wikis” “blogs” “calendar” “mail”
  • “Mac OS X Server – Wikis”
  • “first” “prev” “1-20 of” “next” inurl:groups
  • “What’s Hot” “Recent Changes”
  • “What’s Hot” “Recent Changes” “Upcoming Events”
  • “What’s Hot” “Recent Changes” “Upcoming Events” “Tags”
  • “What’s Hot” “Recent Changes” “Upcoming Events” “Tags” “Edited”
  • “powered by WikkaWiki”+inurl:”wakka=” “keyword
  • “WikkaWiki” “1..50000 comments on this page” “keyword”
  • “Powered by WikkaWiki” “[Add comment]” “keyword”
  • “Log in / create account” inurl:index.php?title=Main_Page
  • “powered by mediawiki”
  • inurl:wiki site:.edu
  • inurl:”special:userlogin”
  • “This page was last modified on” inurl:wiki
  • “main page” “random page” inurl:wiki
  • This page was last modified on “wiki”
  • “This page was last modified on”
  • “Log in / createaccount”
  • “isa registered trademark of the Wikimedia Foundation, Inc.,”
  • “wiki inurl:.edu”
  • wiki inurl:.edu
  • “Toolbox””This page was last modified
  • inurl:”wiki/index.php?title=”
  • “Login required to edit”
  • “wiki/index.php?title=Special:Userlogin&returnto”
  • inurl:wiki/index.php?title=Special:Userlogin&returnto
  • “Main Page””discussion””edit”
  • “This page has beenaccessed””Privacy policy”
  • “This page has beenaccessed””Privacy policy””wiki”
  • “Wiki:About”
  • “There is currently no text in this page, you can search for this page title in other pages or edit this page”

Usually you’ll be able to find Wikis for most of the topics. You might be wondering that you must restrict yourself to just related sites. I say NO! Sure, getting links from related sites gives you a little more power.

But you should not restrict yourself to it. If you want to find niche specific wikis, then simple use this: “footprint(above)” + keyword These are few useful Wiki footprints that we are going to use later. In the next article you’ll learn how to get High PR backlinks using the footprints that we just learned.

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