How to make your own EDU blog

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How to make your own EDU blog

This is not as easy as the other strategies to build backlinks since the number of .edu websites which allow users to create own blogs is very small.

There are three-four websites where visitors are allowed to register and create their own blogs and place keyword links which are given below. These websites are shared on many webmaster & SEO forums, so I can’t tell how  long these sites would be available. As soon as I find new ones, I will update you with it. and

The first site would let anybody join and create their own blog. You can publish some content with your keyword links in it. The second website is a community website where you can register and create your own content.

Play carefully with both. Sites created on the jive software. Jive is a community software used by various websites. We can find sites that use it to publish blog posts with backlinks using the query: powered by Jive

There are some sites where we can find group blogs/wikis to publish content with KEYWORD LINKS. Normally the queries would be like: groups blog.

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You can search again by replacing blog with wiki or weblog. In such sites there would be a + on the top right of the page. I could see that these sites are on Mac OS X Server. The query: Mac OS X Server will show thousands of results however appending groups or blog or wiki can help narrow down the results.

Example query is: groups Mac OS X Server

However, many websites need a login. I could find a couple of websites where we don’t have to register to publish content. Here is how to publish content on such sites:

How to make your own EDU blog

Free EDU blog posts

Some other useful queries for blogs are: inurl:”wp-signup.php” inurl:CreateUser.aspx inurl:register.aspx inurl:register.php “agree”

Think about how important is to have your own blogs on real and pure high page rank EDU and GOV sites. Because you are my favourite readers i give you below some of my preffered sites where to build your blogs.  I hope this info will help you to get higher rankings on Google.




4. A real pr 8 famous EDU site !!

I really hope you will value this resources much cause they are very rare and there are many online which charge you for this information. I have plenty more but for this article is enough already. 🙂

Follow my blog and you will get many more edu and gov sites where to post your articles. As a matter of fact on monday i will publish an tutorial called : How to find EDU articles and blogs to make a comment. Stay tuned!


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      Thanks. I did this myself and it worked! you’re very good at this, I hope to work with you in my next projects. What do you say?

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      OMG!! I always thought that we must have valid license to have an edu domain but you solved my problem like a charm.

      Thanks a ton for this great help.

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