3 Appliances Every Home Cook Should Own

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3 Appliances Every Home Cook Should OwnPeople who are passionate about food and cooking would find it hard to limit their kitchen to just three appliances, but if you had to choose, perhaps due to a space or budget limitation, here are the three essential kitchen appliances that you’ll love so much that you won’t miss not having more appliances. This is all assuming you already have a standard oven, refrigerator and stove.


A deep fryer is absolutely indispensable! How else will you be able to make perfect churros, donuts, French fries, onion rings, tempura and more? While technically you can fry on the stovetop, a deep fryer is amazingly more convenient, safer, easier to clean and will always produce the best version of fried foods.

Food Processor

A good ole standard food processor can go a long way in the kitchen. It can blend, emulsify, chop, shred, slice and puree. If you’re reaching for a hand emulsifier to make that veloute, and remembered that you don’t own one, grab your food processor instead, throw your soup items in and prepare your veloute that way.


A mixer like KitchenAid is a a must-have for any aspiring cook or experienced chef. Not only does it mix batters and other dishes, it will be able to whip up some nice whipped cream, too. Additionally, it will be able to knead dough so you can make bread. All that’s needed are the right attachments. Lastly, certain mixers, with the right attachments, can make pasta and grind meat!

Some cooks swear by their dehydrators, toaster ovens, crock pots and immersion blenders, but if space is an issue, you can use your oven as a dehydrator or for a toaster oven. You may be able to use your stove top as a make shift crockpot if you have good temperature control. Immersion blenders are extremely convenient and actually do not take much space but since you have a food processor, you can use that in its place although it is less convenient. Some folks love their panini press or George Foreman-type grill but you can reproduce a close facsimile on the stovetop!

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