Not the Wild Kind? Enjoy a Dandy Stag Weekend in Budapest!

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Not the Wild Kind? Enjoy a Dandy Stag Weekend in Budapest!Everybody expects a wild stag party.

And for good reasons, because it’s one of the key tradition in Great Britain and the right way for the stag to experience his last days as a bachelor.

The thing is: not everybody has a wild side.

It might be a shocker, but stag parties aren’t always about getting wasted with rivers of alcohol or going to strip-clubs, or even humiliating the stag by pranking him. No matter how fun those activities might sound, more brits are willing to go out of their country’s borders to experience a different culture and fun activities that they might have not yet experienced.

This is the case with a stag weekend in Budapest!

You want to party hard! Is Budapest an option for the stag do?

When I mentioned that not everybody has a wild side, that doesn’t mean they’re not fun at parties. Au contraire, everybody expects to have the laugh of the century at a stag do and you, as a best man (if you’re reading this, I guess you are in charge with organizing the stag party), have two major responsibilities:

1.    Make sure that everybody you invited, beside the stag, has tons of fun and no matter who or how he is in the day-by-day life, they will get a truly wonderful and memorable experience

2.    Pay attention to the stag’s needs. He is the key-element here, the reason for this get-together and the one, out of everybody, who’s got to feel the most intense experience

So, all in all, a stag do in Budapest is the key for both those who want to and have fun and for those who want to experience a new culture.


Let’s find out!

Fine and dandy! What’s the best a stag weekend in Budapest can offer?

It’s simple really.

There are tons of activities in Budapest you and your party might want to try, but let me tell you a secret.

You might not be aware, but there are specialized companies that organize this sort of stag weekends. Keep in mind that you, as a best man, have some crazy responsibilities and one you might find a little bit impossible is: pleasing everybody.

This is almost impossible because if you’re going for a stag weekend abroad, you have to pay attention to the following key-aspects:
●    Destination
●    Budget
●    Activities

And this is where everything gets complicated.

Let’s say you’re going for a stag weekend in Budapest and everybody is happy with this destination (which might not be your case, but let’s assume this for the sake of the argument).

You’re going to have to establish a basic budget, mainly for the means of transportation and the accommodation. Then you have to think about an additional budget for the activities you want to enjoy during the stag do in Budapest.

Everything sums up to a number. You have to make everybody chip in and agree to the established budget.

Afterwards, you really have to make sure that you don’t stray from the agreed upon activities, because it might cost you more and some of your friends might object.

The point is: planning a stag weekend in Budapest is a lot of work.

So why not let professionals help you?

Even more, you’ll have lots of discounts for transportation and accommodation, and you’ll get to choose a package with certain activities. It’s a sweet deal with much less work involved.

Booking a company like Eventhuse, for example, is a way to make your life easier and to make sure everybody is taken care of. You can see on their website,, that you may experience lots of things during your Budapest stag do:
●    Riding a beer bike
●    Go for a brewery tour with beer tasting included
●    Go to a range and shoot a real gun
●    Prank the stag by letting him drive an outdated classic Hungarian car
●    Go for a horse race
…and many more.

Relieve yourself of the tough job of being the best man and let Eventhuse do it in your stead.
Enjoy the dandiest stag do in Budapest you could possibly imagine!

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